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City Council, Council Briefings, and Special Committees... To access Seattle City Council meetings for previous years please contact City Clerk's office or email clerk@seattle gov... ..

revote possible in city council race

Revote possible in City Council race . By Gordon Y.K. Pang . ... If the Hawaii Supreme Court chooses to side with City Council candidate Tommy Waters’ challenge of his 22-vote loss to Trevor Ozawa in November, voters of the East Honolulu..

city council briefs

The budget update the phase of the budget before city council builds the four-year financial plan returns to council chambers Thursday for public meeting. ..

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San Diego City Council City Council approves $14.1 million block grant allocation for homelessness. SAN DIEGO The San Diego City Council voted, 9-0, today to invest more than $14 homelessness services and programs designed to curb the city's homeless..

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