venezuela: a new cold war!

It is clear that Latin America is an important battleground in the new cold war between China and the West. This is a war with new weapons and different battle sites. . These new cold war battles will test the political and economic capabilities of all of the..

neo cold war!

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theartsdesk in tromsø: the celluloid cold war

From Russia with Love is one of Sean Connery's best outings as 007, and one of Bonds aimed at Cold War, albeit with Spectre playing British and Soviet intelligence agencies against each other. Le Carré and Fleming offered two contrasting approaches to spy fiction the former covering..

archaeology reveals cold war nuclear bunkers in

Stripped down by locals in search of scrap metal being taken over by trees, their empty tunnels and sunken bunkers are all that remains of Cold War scheme to turn Soviet Bloc into nuclear arsenal... ... By scavenging there during the economic crisis that accompanied the end of the, they..

cold war (2018)

passionate love story between two people of different backgrounds and temperaments, set against the background of Cold War in Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia and Paris... ... Cold War may be the title of the film, and it most is the backdrop setting for the central focus of..

cold war review: across the border

Cold War is one of those love-among-the-ruins romances that turn suffering into high style. ... Pawlikowski packs a lot into Cold War, often elliptically. Wiktor and Zula soon separate and settle in different countries only to reunite and separate once more. ..

cold war

The Verdict: There’s not an ounce of wasted motion to be found throughout Cold War. ... : Cold War is out now in NY/LA, and will expand to limited cities in the weeks to come. . ..

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