wi department of justice evidence videos

Never before seen videos and images that were part of the investigation into the shooting of Jacob Blake were released by Department of Justice just moments after Kenosha County District Attorney decided not to charge the officers involved... ... Cell phone video obtained by..

department of justice sues walmart over

Justice Department is suing Walmart, alleging the retailer dispensed controlled substances through its pharmacies and helped fuel the nation's opioid crisis.. ... In October, Walmart filed its own preemptive suit against Justice Department, Attorney General William..

u.s. department of justice archives

President-elect Joe Biden and his advisers considering announcing other leadership roles in Justice Department along with attorney general... ... Justice Department observers watching to see whether William Barr's final days as attorney general produce new hurdles for..

u.s. department of justice to investigate

Department of Justice plans to investigate the circumstances surrounding Waukegan police shooting in. ... According to news release from Lake County State's Attorney Michael Nerheim, he contacted Justice Department officials on Wednesday, and they agreed to review the..

cruz urges department of justice to

Ted Cruz, R-Texas, wants Department of Justice to investigate Netflix over the film. Cruz wants the department to examine whether Netflix or the filmmakers broke federal laws against the production and distribution of child pornography... ..

department of justice argues tiktok

The Department of Justice argues TikTok that the order banning transactions with Beijing-based parent ByteDance will keep him from getting paid is not enough to warrant temporary restraining order that would keep Department of Commerce from enforcing it.. ..

legal experts question department of

By various legal experts and former members of the department who questioned its grounds, The Department of Justice's filing was also met with doubt... ... Berwick is Department of Justice lawyer who is working with the legal group Protect Democracy. ..

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