ohio gunman was elizabeth warren supporter –

Elizabeth Warren for president. . Connor Betts . . In the early hours of Sunday morning, rifle-wielding Connor Betts rampaged through a Dayton entertainment district, killing his sister and eight other people and leaving dozens of others wounded before police killed him. ... Ohio gunman was..

why elizabeth warren matters

The contrast between Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden is stark: Biden is comfort food; Warren is food for thought with, to some tastes, a dollop of spinach. . ... Says David Brooks: “I might agree or disagree with some of Elizabeth Warren’s zillions of policy proposals,..

elizabeth warren calls for trump impeachment

Democratic Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, .. ... According to NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday, only 17 percent of Americans would like impeachment proceedings to begin — as Elizabeth Warren is..

elizabeth warren versus joe biden

Biden's with the industry, puts him on the opposite end of the spectrum from Elizabeth Warren wing of Democratic Party.. ... Biden's problem in the primary is to be Elizabeth Warren, who is bound to shine bright light on Biden's relationship with, the financial..

elizabeth warren ads banned from facebook

Elizabeth Warren's 2020 campaign, days after Massachusetts Democrat announced plan to break up anti-competitive tech mergers - pointing to Facebook's of WhatsApp and Instagram as examples of tech limiting competition... ... To restore the balance of in our democracy, to promote..

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