first amendment

Category Archives: First Amendment . Meeting the Free Speech Challenge in Richmond . ... Under the recent Supreme Court case ruling that a wedding website designer could refuse to provide her services to a gay couple because to do so would require her to write something that she did not..

why the first amendment protects liars

But, given our skepticism of permitting the government to police the line between truth and falsity, and between speech and drivel, we protect all speech, ments, order that protected speech may in the shelter of First Amendment... ... the plurality, combined with the concurrence, stood..

white house likely violated first amendment

By improperly influencing tech companies decisions to remove or suppress posts on the coronavirus and elections, Court of Appeals for Circuit on Friday ruled that Biden White House, top health officials and FBI violated First Amendment, Washington Post reports... ..

there’s no abortion exception in the first

Debra sued Westchester County to assert her First Amendment rights. She’s being represented by Becket, a law firm that specializes in free-speech and religious-liberty cases. ... “There is no abortion exception to the First Amendment,” the states’ brief said. ..

opinion: protecting state employees’ first

we are concerned about the recent ruling of Alaska Supreme Court on issue that is about our First Amendment rights, as protected by U.S. ... Janus decision made it clear that compelling public employees to pay union dues without their affirmative consent is violation of their..

top 10 companies that ignore first amendment rights

Alliance Defending Freedom, organization devoted to protecting freedom and other First Amendment rights, joined with Inspire Insight, tool that provides data on the religious values of companies, to produce the second Business Index ranking companies by Viewpoint Diversity Score.. ..