top 10 companies that ignore first amendment rights

Alliance Defending Freedom, organization devoted to protecting freedom and other First Amendment rights, joined with Inspire Insight, tool that provides data on the religious values of companies, to produce the second Business Index ranking companies by Viewpoint Diversity Score.. ..

student's second amendment shirt prompts first

The complaint alleges that the defendants violated First Amendment which it says did not materially disrupt the work and discipline of the school or invade the rights of others, did not promote illegal conduct, and was not lewd, indecent, or vulgar... ... On the day the student wore..

the first amendment and social media

The First Amendment and social media . By: James B. Astrachan September 23, 2022 . ... A critic of HB 20 summed it up, like this:  “The First Amendment prohibits Texas from forcing online platforms to host and promote foreign propaganda, pornography, pro-Nazi speech and..

lewd license plates and the first amendment

All of this may sound like much ado about small issue, and fact it relates to much larger questions about the reach of First Amendment American law. Over the past half-century, however, vanity license plates have become enmeshed in the larger controversies over just what constitutes..

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