fox news blackout

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fox news isn’t news

Here's where we in the media can do something useful We can stop talking about Fox like it's different form of news — and start talking about how it's not news at all. ..

fox news hires bruce jenner

Jenner made his first appearance as a Fox News contributor during “Hannity” on Thursday evening (above).  ... Meanwhile, Fox News on a roll . Fox News finished the first quarter of 2022 in first place for the 81st straight quarter. ..

fox news cameraman killed in ukraine

Update On Tuesday afternoon, Fox News Media's CEO Suzanne Scott confirmed another member of the team, Oleksandra. ... member of Fox News team covering Ukraine has been killed, Suzanne Scott, Fox News Media's CEO announced to staff on Tuesday. ..

latest on fox news' legal troubles

Eric Boehlert joins Stephanie Miller to discuss the latest on Fox News legal troubles, including update on the lawsuit brought on by Smartmatic. ... Stephanie has also appeared on CNN's Joy Behar, Larry King Live, Reliable Sources, Hannity and Colmes and Neal Cavuto on Fox..

fox news and white grievance

Because recently Drum has also been arguing that the source of US's turn to proto-fascism has been Fox News. ... While correlation is not causation, it's true that Fox News's almost worldview of white grievance overlays quite well with both the collapse of commitment..

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