a most excellent supreme court decision

What this new Supreme Court majority said was stop looking to the courts to remedy every political question if you ca not get proper relief from the ballot box or the in your state then tough that is how our system works. Whether you believe abortion or not, anyone with any knowledge of..

three new high court judges appointed

From left Judicial Commissioners Pang Khang Chau, Audrey Lim Yoon Cheng and Ang Cheng Hock have been appointed judges of High Court.  ... With the above appointments, Supreme Court will have total of 23 judges, four Judicial Commissioners, four Senior Judges and 17..

supreme court brief

Welcome to Supreme Court Brief, where we chronicle goings on at the high court. ... Welcome to Supreme Court Brief -- our roundup of news and trends at the high court. ..

peace cross wins in supreme court

The United States Supreme Court ruled that World War I Memorial Peace Cross Bladensburg, Md., can remain on public grounds Prince George's County. ... Supreme Court ruled that Bladensburg WWI Memorial, also known as Peace Cross, will remain in place, after constitutional..

the supreme court gets it right

But we get another reminder, at the feet of Supreme Court, of the attendant on expunging nastiness from national life.. ... The high court, last week, well, no, there's nothing wrong with the cross where it's, doing what it does... ..

supreme court upholds double jeopardy rule

Supreme Court on Monday upheld doctrine which holds that state and federal prosecutions for the same crime do not violate Constitutional prohibition on double jeopardy... ... By state enforcement and then federal, In Supreme Court case,  an Alabama plaintiff named..

dotcom extradition in supreme court

district court decision that Kim Dotcom and three other men should be extradited to United States was the men's lawyers have told Supreme Court.. ... North Shore District Court found December 2015 that the men were eligible for extradition and they have fought the decision every step of..

pack the supreme court

Furthermore, Democratic presidential aspirants seem to be warming to the idea of court packing to prevent Supreme Court from gutting the agenda item by item.. ... The next unified Democratic Congress should, pass law enlarging Supreme Court to whatever number is..

the supreme court and dual citizenship

With allegedly hundreds of members of Congress and Federal government employees with dual US- Israel citizenship, what has been missing since Supreme Court's 1967 decision is scrutiny of the unintended consequences of that decision as it has affected American foreign policy.. ..

reforming the supreme court

Others, like increasing the size of Supreme Court to allow Democratic President to rebalance it ideologically would set off game of tit-for-tat.  ... Of course it's nonstarter they seem to have the idea that they are the provider of Supreme Court nominees Democrats..

supreme court ponders police stings

Four men charged with child luring after undercover police officers posed as young teenagers online wo not see any in their cases until Supreme Court of Canada makes decision on the appeal of similar case.. ... John's Monday, Ellen O'Gorman, asked the judge for postponement until March,..

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