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This app violates our guidelines and local laws, and we have removed it from the   App Store .In series of tweets, the developers of HKmap Live disagreed with Apple's claim that the app endangered enforcement and residents Hong Kong, that there is zero evidence to support CSTCB's [the..

global ear: hong kong

One floor below Twenty Alpha is the studio of Hong Kong Community Radio, community of musicians and DJs leveraging the internet to address lack of physical space. Her lyrics address the struggles faced by her age cohort, the generation to grow up in the years following the handover of..

hong kong protests

The umbrella is one of the symbols of Hong Kong protests, and the protesters are sometimes called Umbrella Movement. ... hundreds of protesters turned up to shine lasers at the dome of Hong Kong Space Museum to show support... ..

hong kong: protesters block roads near hong

The protests erupted in early June Hong Kong, whose 7.4 million people were promised degree of autonomy under agreement between Beijing and London.. ... On Saturday, protesters took to the streets after police refused permission for march to mark the anniversary of decision by China..

hong kong in turmoil

By protesters during demonstration at the Fu Guohao, reporter of Chinese Global Times website, is tied Hong Kong airport, Hong Kong, China, August 13, 2019... ... Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times., at Hong Kong, China..

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British administration had allowed Hong Kong to become one of the richest cities in the world. ... Between 1984, and 1997, about Hong Kong residents fled. The in the streets of Hong Kong have once again reminded us of the power of U.S example --..

hong kong outcry persists

HONG KONG Hong Kong citizens marched for hours Sunday in massive protest that drew late-in-the-day apology from the city's top leader for her handling of legislation that has stoked fears of expanding control from Beijing in this former British colony.. ... In..

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The Port of Hong Kong is one of the container ports in the world and major transshipment hub that makes JOC com's rankings of the Top Global Container Ports. ..

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Hong Kong's officials say the legislation will consider transfers on scenario and will close long-standing loophole.. ... Rocky Chang, professor marching Hong Kong, told Reuters. This is the game for Hong Kong, it's matter of life or death... ..

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Dubbed Shaw Auditorium, the project is the addition to Clear Water Bay campus of Hong Kong University. ... Provoost lives and works Shanghai, how visitors are brought into the heart of Hong Kong as the majestic structure overlooks Victoria Harbor. ..

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Photo AP Vincent Yu picture of Hong Kong Film Awards. Japanese Takayuki Hamatsu, right and actress Yuzuki Akiyama pose on the red carpet of Hong Kong Film Awards Hong Kong on Sunday. © AP. ©2019 GPlusMedia Inc.. ..

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Hong Kong's government wants to build 4,200 acres of artificial islands in South China Sea, hoping to solve housing crisis that's gripped roughly 20 percent of its population.. ... Construction of Lantau Tomorrow Vision would cost $80 billion, more than half of Hong..

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Over 1500 key decision makers, mining executives, investors, commodity buyers and policy makers from over 40 countries will Hong Kong from 2-4 April for three days of learning, deal making and unparalleled networking... ..

hong kong: big sleepover

Take tram to Times Square for shopping and stop at any of the local eateries on the way — you ca not go too far without stumbling on joint, bakery selling egg tarts, or restaurant with Hong Kong's famous roast duck, pork and goose glistening on hooks in the window. ... And if you time..

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Join Chef Kevin Ly as he samples the best sweets Hong Kong has to offer with Chef Yves Matthey... ..

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