hong kong reports 118 new coronavirus cases

Hong Kong reports 118 new coronavirus cases. Hong Kong reported 118 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, including 113 that were transmitted, as strict new measures including restriction of gatherings to two people and ban on restaurant dining, took effect. ... Since..

eu adopts anti-hong kong crackdown measures

EU states have agreed to curb exports of equipment and technologies for end-use Hong Kong repression, including for interception of internal communications or cyber-surveillance reaction to China's crackdown in the semi-autonomous former British colony. They also agreed, on Tuesday, to..

crescat capital: shorting china and hong kong

Tavi Costa I'm just going to add to lot of China and Hong Kong parts, if you allow me, and, it's, you know, it's also part of that the citadis trap idea of Graham Allison, in. And you know, like Kevin said that Hong Kong banks have been performing in the last few years..

uk suspends extradition treaty with hong kong

Mr Raab also announced extension to Hong Kong of long-standing arms embargo against China that has been in force since 1989.. ... Britain is one of number of countries to have denounced Hong Kong, which was introduced after months of pro-democracy demonstrations. ..

hong kong phooey

But it was Nicholas Tam who better the modest tax reductions and tweaks to the regulatory leviathan he proposes will not suffice to replicate Hong Kong's entrepreneurial dynamism... ... Prior to 1997 there was serious proposal to establish zone of sorts in NT so that residents of..

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