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This week, Russian authorities detained Alsu Kurmasheva, journalist who works for US-funded Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty news service. ..

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Home » More... » Law & Human Rights . Law & Human Rights . . . . . Subscribe to our newsletter . ... In this report, Vanguard’s Law and  Human Rights recaptures the mood of Nigerians together with their expectations when Maj...

russia rejected for human rights panel

By in, Russia was defeated in its bid to regain seat on United Nation's premiere human rights body Tuesday's in General Assembly. Russia competed against Albania and Bulgaria for two seats on Geneva-based Human Rights Council representing East European regional group.....

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The @UN🇺🇳 General has elected 15 members of Human Rights Council for the term 2024-2026 🇦🇱 Albania 🇧🇷 Brazil 🇧🇬 Bulgaria 🇧🇮 Burundi 🇨🇳 China 🇨🇮 Côte d'Ivoire 🇨🇺 Cuba 🇩🇴 Dominican Republic 🇫🇷 France 🇬🇭 Ghana 🇮🇩..

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October 10th vote, involving all 193 General Assembly members, is test of question Do Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the cornerstone of UN's formation, retain any meaning.. ... She was the driving force behind Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and now,..

supporting human rights in north korea

Supporting Human Rights North Korea... we recognize the courage of North Korean and human rights community, which continues to speak on behalf of the millions of North Koreans suffering abuses. ... The community must act to promote accountability for those..

human rights and the image of god

Tom Holland, writes, That we are all of us possessed of certain fundamental rights, simply by virtue of being human, and of dignity that embraces our entire species, are doctrines so accepted Britain that many of us recognise them as doctrines at all.  . ... American Richard Rorty,..

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Senator urges United States government to continue pushing India on human rights issues.. ... Religious freedom is human right, and United States must stand up and speak out, ment after introducing the resolution this week... ..

the weaponization of human rights at the

The session of UN Human Rights Council meeting now Geneva could provide opportunity to advance peace as human right and to support the many roadmaps and blueprints for Ukraine and proposals for in all conflict areas Latin America, Africa and Asia.. Alas, Human..

colombia: human rights through children's eyes

By the majority of the in the world, Sanaz Razani spent time with the children to explain to them the importance of the 30 articles of human rights. After every workshop, the pupils were invited to draw their own interpretation of the human right.. ..

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It's unclear why 100-year-old Henry Kissinger has been elevated by Western intelligentsia to serve the role of the in how West should behave in response to Russia-Ukraine war. . ..

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In 2019, Nike and other brands were accused by the media, human rights advocates and organizations, and members of U.S government of potentially.. ..

a new vision for human rights

Still, members of the Commission on Human Rights, at their April Geneva, failed to get tough with Khartoum. ... The new US human rights ambassador would lobby other governments in Community of Democracies, founded in 2000 Warsaw, to establish their own human..