john bolton: american hero

Warmonger and budding John Bolton re-entered the consciousness this week when somebody, certainly not Bolton, leaked copy of his unpublished manuscript to New York Times. ... John Bolton loves three things America, proper grooming and royalty checks. ..

john bolton is still the absolute worst

Bolton described how Ukraine affair unfolded over several months until he departed White House September. Imagine James Comey and John Bolton being cast as the patron saints of #Resistance https CdVgy3cVp3 — Jason Campbell January 28, 2020.. ..

the purge of john bolton

John Bolton . . {Originally posted to the BESA website} . Something unprecedented happened last month. A National Security Advisor, Ambassador John R. Bolton, was forced out by a cabal of TV commentators and foes of Bolton and President Donald Trump. ..

john bolton meets his fate

By the president at one time, McMaster, and John Kelly were all liked, only to be fired or convinced to resign. We do not know who Bolton's replacement will be, except we do know what he or she needs to do dump most of the regime's ideas in the garbage and start over with strategies that..

trump undercuts john bolton

President Trump undercut John Bolton, his adviser, on Iran and North Korea recent days, raising questions about the policy and in the middle of confrontations with both long-term American adversaries, New York Times reports... ..

john bolton, far worse than you realize

Again, he's really the caricature of militarist, the kind of one-dimensional, circulation left-wing magazines and ca not possibly in life, only he does exist and his name is John Bolton.. John Bolton is not the type to make those kinds of mistakes or allow his..

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