china's pivot to latin america

In its quest to be Latin America's, China has risen out of ambiguity to become one of the top three exporters, sometimes surpassing United States in countries like Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, and Brazil.. ..

trumpism comes to latin america

The history of authoritarian rule in Latin America is filled with examples of autocratic rule, extreme violence, and tragedy. ... Throughout Latin America, rightwing populist administrations have sought favor with the Trump Administration. ..

latin america archives

In the early morning of April, Caracas, leader, speaker of National Assembly and the president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, declared that Venezuelan Armed Forces had abandoned the socialist Nicolás Maduro. ..

a reporting life in latin america

It's been said thousand times before the war, created out of nowhere by Richard Nixon at time when he needed bogeyman, has rained down fire and blood on the poor of Latin America, West Africa, Eastern Europe, Spain, southern France, and United States, to name just few places. ..

testronic opens latin america office, 'socialSharetwitter, 'width=500, height=500 ) return phoenixTrackClickEvent phx-track-id=. ... By the predicted explosion of, The drive to expand into Latin America is driven OTT in the..

latin america - what now for the left?

Chilean politician and ex-candidate for Marco Enriquez-Ominami is concerned about the state of Latin America. Ominami travels the region to interview Latin American leaders past and present to find out what went wrong and what the future holds for progressive politics... ..

ways of resistance in latin america

At the end of Ben Dangl's first book, The Price of Fire Resource Wars and Social Movements Bolivia, he wrote, Neoliberalism has dug its own Latin America, and new alternatives, are evolving in its place.. ... The product of that exploration is Dancing with Dynamite Social Movements and..

chicago boyz » latin america

Posted in, International Affairs, Latin America, Libertarianism, North America, Personal Narrative, Predictions, Society, Systems Analysis, Transportation, USA 23 Comments »... ... Posted in, Environment, International Affairs, Latin America, North..

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