letter: thanks, martha’s vineyard

Look at the wonderful people of Martha's Vineyard true heroes, hot meals, compassion and respect. ... Thank you to the good folks of Martha's Vineyard for understanding that we really are one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.. ..

migrants sue florida governor over martha’s

BOSTON — Venezuelan migrants flown to Massachusetts of Martha's Vineyard sued Florida Gov. ... He again defended his decision to fly about Venezuelans to Martha's Vineyard, saying their decisions were voluntary and, without evidence, that they were in awful condition..

a report from martha's vineyard

I watched with astonishment the coverage of Venezuelan, women, and children arriving, confused and bewildered, at Martha's Vineyard airport, not far from my home.. ... I prefer the sense of mutual care and community on Martha's Vineyard, where right now it's beautiful..

msnbc admits martha’s vineyard migrants

Within 48 hours of arriving in the hotspot of Martha's Vineyard, buses were brought in and the group of illegals was removed and relocated to nearby US military base.. ... On Sunday, Alex Jones predicted Justice Department will soon retaliate against Abbott and DeSantis for shipping the..

guv flies migrants to martha’s vineyard

Charlie Crist, Democrat challenging DeSantis for Florida governorship, said sending the migrants to Martha's Vineyard was wholly political move... Christina Pushaw, spokesperson for DeSantis, taunted Martha's Vineyard community, which announced efforts to house and feed..

reality comes for martha's vineyard

On Thursday, the island of Martha's Vineyard declared the area was experiencing a humanitarian crisis after 50 illegal immigrants were dropped off at the direction of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. . ... The only difference now is that leaders like Governor Ron DeSantis and Governor..

florida relocates migrants to martha's vineyard

Ron DeSantis on Wednesday flew two planes of immigrants to Martha's Vineyard, escalating tactic by Republican governors to draw attention to what they consider to be Biden administration's failed border policies.. ... By using planes and choosing, DeSantis, appears to be taking the..

desantis’s martha’s vineyard stunt

Yes, Florida can confirm the two planes with illegal immigrants that arrived Martha's Vineyard today were part of the relocation program to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations, the governor's communications director, Taryn Fenske, told Fox News Digital... ..

marthas vineyard · thejournal.ie

#martha's vineyard # marthas-vineyard - Today's News. # Martha's Vineyard # Martha's Vineyard Florida governor flies migrants to Martha's Vineyard hours ago 27,031 Views 38 Comments. President Joe Biden slammed the move, saying..

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