puerto rico earthquake: how to help

Philly Boricua, Providence Center and Make Road Pennsylvania are coordinating relief drive for people in Southwestern municipalities Puerto Rico. The groups working with Water for Puerto Rico, organization working Guánica and other affected areas. ..

puerto rico earthquakes: how to help

By series of earthquakes in the past two weeks, Puerto Rico has been hit, the largest 6.4-magnitude earthquake on January 7.. ... Maps are critical to all @WCKitchen operations how we stay organized and make sure nobody is missed 🗺 Click here to see where we cooking & serving..

architecture from puerto rico

© Dianne Puliza The history of Puerto Rico is reflected in its cities. ... Shaped by both internal and external forces across its varied landscapes, Puerto Rico's diverse styles represent over 400 years of Spanish rule and over 100 years as unincorporated territory of..

lasagna dinner to benefit puerto rico trip

Suggested donation $10.00 to defray cost of four people heading to Puerto Rico for hurricane relief.. Tim LeConey, Bruce Pierce, Jan Whitworth and Jane Chandler plan to travel to Puerto Rico February to rebuild and repair roofs damaged by Hurricane Maria August of 2017...

earthquake jolts puerto rico

The flurry of quakes Puerto Rico's southern region began the night of Dec 28, with quakes ranging magnitude from 4.7 to 5.1. Victor Huerfano, director of Puerto Rico's Seismic Network, told AP that shallow quakes were occurring along three faults Puerto..

puerto rico law retains cockfighting

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Puerto Rico defied U.S government by adopting Wednesday to keep cockfighting alive, seeking to protect tradition on the island despite federal ban that goes into effect this week.. ... Wayne Pacelle, founder of Washington-based Animal Wellness..

6.0 quake shakes puerto rico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck near Puerto Rico Monday, rousing and scaring many from their sleep in U.S territory.. ... The quake was felt across Puerto Rico and was the strongest to hit the recent years. ..

méndez dethrones saludar in puerto rico

Méndez Dethrones Saludar Puerto Rico. By scoring decision win over tough more, Méndez became WBO minimumweight world champion-experienced Filipino Vic Saludar August 24, at Puerto Rico's Convention Center.. ... Now I am world champion, the only boxing male world..

puerto rico governor will resign

Thousands have jammed the streets of San Juan calling for the resignation after Puerto Rico's Center for Investigative Journalism published series of group messages between the governor and his inner circle that included homophobic and language and jokes about Hurricane Maria victims... ..

trump and aid to puerto rico

It's worth noting that the government of Puerto Rico estimates the cost of Hurricane Maria at $139 billion.. ... as this suggests that Puerto Rico is not part of United States.. Philip Bump at WaPo had refutation of these tweets   Nearly everything Trump just said..

politics of puerto rico heat up

The push to give the island equal voting and economic rights in U.S government comes amid feud between Trump and Puerto Rico officials over hurricane relief aid... ... Soto's legislation is the first introduced Congress that would make Puerto Rico state, rather according..

puerto rico busca desarrollar inteligencia

Puerto Rico busca desarrollar inteligencia artificial. BAYAMÓN, Puerto Rico  - El de Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló dijo el lunes que espera que un nuevo centro de tecnología pueda ayudar la isla incorpore la inteligencia artificial y dispositivos..

making the case for puerto rico

Torruella is first native of Puerto Rico, he is Hispanic judge to serve on US Court of Appeals for First Circuit, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, and Rhode Island.. ... Among the flagrant examples of discrimination against the US citizens of Puerto..

puerto rico

From Wall Street to the government, neoliberal vultures are circling over Puerto Rico. scholar had this to say about the dire conditions Puerto Rico.. The president of Puerto Rico teachers union explains how educators protecting schools in the..

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