virginia's second amendment defense

That means local authorities will be required to protect Second Amendment rights in the face of any attempt by Virginia's General Assembly to abrogate those rights. ... Too many Americans view Second Amendment as granting Americans the right to own firearms to go..

second amendment questioned

Attorneys Washington, DC question the scope of Second Amendment in the first case in nearly 70 years, citing that the right to bear arms applies to 'a well regulated militia. ... Second Amendment is made up of TWO phrases, ing the reason for the right, and the..

second amendment perfect storm

Two years later, in similar challenge to City of Chicago ordinance which virtually banned the possession of handguns in the city by residents of the city, US Supreme Court held that both Second Amendment right defined Heller, and Second Amendment right in full, and local..

the second amendment has failed america

Second Amendment protects individual right to possess firearm unconnected with service in militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home... ... But it's time to reexamine Second Amendment rights with bigger emphasis..

joe sestak stinks on the second amendment

That's the case with Joe Sestak, pro- Second Amendment voice in Senate. ... While President Obama was anti- Second Amendment, Second Amendment supporters did make marginal gain in one piece of legislation expanding the right to keep and bear arms in..

second amendment sanctuaries on the rise

El Paso County, Colorado, Sheriff Bill Elder would challenge the constitutionality of the bill and protect the Second, Fourth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth amendment rights of all gun owners in the state, and not just El Paso County... ... In 2014 Kansas enacted Second..

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