does europe need its own silicon valley?

Being the headquarter for some of the tech firms in the world, Silicon Valley offers environment for start-ups to partner with their bigger brothers, streamlining revenues and getting access to their portfolio of clients, and in some cases, providing profitable exits for founders through..

silicon valley sharia

By punishing speech and making punitive examples of free thinkers, tech titans are enforcing their own version of Silicon Valley -- set of both written and unwritten codes constricting expressions of acceptable thought in the name of safety and civility... ..

the robber barons of silicon valley

But perhaps the most notable examples can be found in the world of Silicon Valley. . ... Like their predecessors in railroads, steel, banking, and oil a century ago, Silicon Valley's new entrepreneurs are harnessing technology to make the world more efficient. ..

How Silicon Valley Turned Evil

On this week's of Inside Hive, Adam Fisher, author of Valley of Genius, joins Nick Bilton to explain how Silicon Valley, was co-opted for commercial, and often sinister, purposes, from election-meddling operatives to racist trolls. ..

the best of silicon valley 2016

Silicon Valley's chatter about sending human to Mars reached fevered pitch in 2015 with the cinematic release of Andy Weir's The Martian. ... Metro pioneered the Best of Silicon Valley, which began as Best of Santa Clara Valley in 1986. ..

wireless silicon valley proposals

Formed in 2004, the Wireless Silicon Valley Task Force consists of Information Technology managers and development managers at most of the cities and counties Silicon Valley. ... Wireless Silicon Valley contracted with Intel Solution Services to..

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