the rise of silicon valley

Cary McClelland's Silicon City San Francisco in Long Shadow of Valley aims toward the middle of that spectrum. ... Levine digs into area of Silicon Valley's history ignored McClelland's book the early, and ongoing, ties between the US and the sector. ..

silicon valley invents bus

I did not realize that the brightest minds of Silicon Valley were dead set on recreating version of idea until I saw our sister site Lifehacker review the new service San Francisco. ... Dollar buses, unlicensed cabs, these are revolutionary and disruptive ideas that make..

a sobering lesson for silicon valley

Fortunately, the industry seems to be going through phase of serious introspection, and investors pushback on Uber offers more reason to hope that Silicon Valley can return to tackling big problems and building sustainable businesses... ..

conquering silicon valley with $500

The polymath also expounds some of his views on the state of America, Silicon Valley, policy-making and the economy, and number of the ideas he talks about in his most recent book, WTF. ... What does he make of Silicon Valley tech founders and CEOs buying land New..

nowhere to hide for silicon valley

The report examined what it described as overreaches of leading Silicon Valley internet firms that it believes are responsible for tremendous harms against British citizens... ... Pro-competition regulations for Silicon Valley would encourage diverse and internet..

silicon valley

Silicon Valley and New York City .. Amazon may have side-stepped New York, and there's still enough demand for the city to transform into tech hub.. ... Tags amazon, Real Estate and Technology, Silicon Valley... ..

i've been silicon valley shariah'd

Welcome to Silicon Valley Shariah. . Over the past few months, several other prominent critics of Islamic extremism have received similar warning letters from Twitter’s legal department, including Saudi-Canadian activist Ensaf Haidar, the wife of imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi; Imam..

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