most expensive neighborhoods in the united states

Despite its lack of retail shops, post offices, or libraries, it's long been highly desirable enclave for some of Silicon Valley's wealthiest residents, like Google CEO Sundar Pichai, former Cisco Systems CEO-turned-venture-investor John Chambers, and Russian Yuri Milner.. 6. ..

big tech is not the big problem

None of this is to say that governments and regulators shouldn't take a long, hard look at Silicon Valley companies. But if Russian meddling with social networks impacted the result of the 2016 election, that would have far greater consequences for American consumers than whether..

comics bulletin

Bigfoot, Silicon Valley Vampires, Immortal Russian thugs, southern fried scientist that splices animals and humans together, and the snow storm of the century. ..

russia succeeds by exploiting american racism

The New Knowledge report criticizes media companies for misleading Congress about the nature of Russian interference. This is just more evidence that Silicon Valley has yet to come to grips with the enormous influence it wields in our democracy, and the ways that foreign powers..

article: twitter has blocked wikileaks accounts

By sheltering the public from information gathered by, Edgett that this was false and Twitter had indeed been doing that to protect the interests of US structures Russian hackers.. Silicon Valley willingness to operate as extension of the security state to even limited extent..

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