star trek: strange new worlds and star

Star Trek's been making some bold moves in its era of shows, and it's just announced it's pulling one of its boldest, most bonkers moves so Lower Decks is teaming up with Strange New Worlds.. ... Star Trek Strange New Worlds has yet to be given return date for its..

star trek universe returns

STAR TREK UNIVERSE returns to San Diego Comic Con this month to lay out the next wave of final-frontier fun.. Cast and creatives from Star Trek Lower Decks, Star Trek Picard, and Star Trek Strange New Worlds will hit Hall H stage on..

star trek: strange new worlds

Anson Mount's in the world of Star Trek could've very easily devolved into stunt casting and instead the return of Christopher Pike, the original captain of USS Enterprise, did make for great season of Star Trek Discovery. ... The show leans little too hard on homage to..

every star trek movie ranked

To mark the anniversary of the all-time classic and many Trekkie's, Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan, we're going where many have gone before, and wrangling the 13 big-screen Star Trek adventures into order of quality. ... The near-disaster of Star Trek..

critics of ‘star trek: discovery’ say that

Star Trek Strange New Worlds, during the lecture of Captain Pike near the end of the story, footage from January Insurrection at Capitol Building was used. Star Trek of the 1960s and 0s touched on some political issues, like using diverse cast and saving whales... ..

star trek: why fans think voyager is the worst

Ever since the mid-1960s when Star Trek made its grand entrance to TV, there have been over 800 episodes spread over 41 (and counting!) ... This put the show at direct odds with Deep Space 9, a series that overlapped with Voyager and showed a very different side of Star..

star trek: the animated series

Star Trek The Animated Series produced by Filmation aired aired Saturday mornings on NBC from September 8th, 1973, to October 12th, 1974 for total of twenty-two episodes.. many of the things and characters that first appeared in the animated series were later referenced in different..

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