iran, the u.s. and the strait of hormuz

And Iran is scheduling another set of war games in Persian Gulf for February that will focus on Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps irregular tactics for closing Strait of Hormuz.. ... As we have long argued, Iranians already have a option, namely, the prospect of blockading Strait..

another iranian hijacking in strait of

This is the second such seizure by IRGC naval patrol this month vessel carrying fuel in Strait of Hormuz was detained by Iran with 12 Filipino crew members on September 7.. ... Among them were UK-flagged Stena Impero, hijacked July in Strait of Hormuz with its crew of..

what’s really happening in the strait of

This is still game of smoke and mirrors for the time being, and it will get out of hand the major powers work towards creating coalitions to patrol Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf.. ... Iran and Russia are instituting their own plan to initiate joint naval exercises in..

iran eyes ‘toll’ on strait of hormuz

Iran reiterated Sunday that it will pursue a toll on all ships traveling in Strait of Hormuz — the escalation of global crisis that threatens the movement of oil through Middle East and may force Britain to impose fresh economic sanctions on Tehran.. ..

us destroys iranian drone in strait of

US destroys Iranian drone Strait of Hormuz Trump. US destroys Iranian drone Strait of Hormuz Trump WASHINGTON The US military shot down Iranian drone on Thursday that came within 1,000 yards of one of its naval vessels in Strait of Hormuz, ... ... ..

strait of hormuz: iran, uk tensions flare

UK government called for a de-escalation on Thursday supertanker owned by British BP as it passed through Strait of Hormuz.. ... British Royal Navy's HMS Montrose escorted British oil tanker through Strait of Hormuz after it was approached by Iranian boats. ..

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