'stranger things' breaks netflix viewing records

Netflix says that season 3 of 'Stranger Things has been one of the most watched shows since its premiere last week. LOS ANGELES, USA — Retro sci-fi series Stranger Things has broken Netflix viewing records with the global launch of its third season, in tweet publishing..

stranger things 3 lands on netflix

It's finally here the long awaited third season of Netflix hit Stranger Things, has landed on the streaming platform.. ... The launch of Stranger Things 3 comes in the face of increased competition from rival streaming platforms. . ..

stranger things 3 on netflix review

Romero's Day of Dead, which was released in the summer of 1985 The Breakfast Club Alien Ferris Bueller's Day Off The Karate Kid and, above all else, Back to Future, 1985, precisely the time when Stranger Things 3 is taking place. ... There are also some major story lines that do not..

stranger things: dungeons & dragons game

I thought Stranger Things adventure was very well done and hit the. ... Even without Stranger Things connection it was solid single-session in its own right, or looking for something social to play with connection to highly-regarded show, Dungeons & Dragons..

'stranger things' season 3 trailer released: watch

Stranger Things will return to Netflix for Season 3 on July 4. Today, the trailer for the season has been released, set to eerie, remix of The Who's. ... These musical child actors may be older now and lot more rich, and Stranger Things looks to be revisiting all the..

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