the chief takeaway from the suez canal snafu

By container ship, The world was riveted by the week-long blockage of Suez Canal March, resulting in colossal traffic jam world shipping ( My favorite meme so far. ... According to this article, the most economically important global pinch-points are The Strait of Hormuz, Suez..

suez canal backlog finally cleared

USS Monterey and USS Thomas Hudner are seen behind tug following USS Dwight D Eisenhower during transit of Suez Canal on Friday.. ... The last 61 ships, out of 422 that were queuing passed through the vital trade artery on Saturday, Suez Canal Authority said.. ..

ever given freed, suez canal reopened

Salvage crews have freed the container ship Ever Given from the shore, reopening Suez Canal after it was blocked for nearly week.. Ever Given ran in Suez Canal Tuesday, March 23. The ship is one of the container vessels in the world, coming in at over 1,300 feet long..

ship stuck in suez canal refloated

CAIRO, Egypt — The container ship blocking Suez Canal for almost week has been re-floated,   Inchcape Shipping Services said on Monday. ... The  Suez Canal Authority had earlier said in statement that tugging operations to free the ship had resumed. ..

ship stuck in suez canal

boat navigates in front of cargo ship, Ever Given, on Wednesday after it became wedged across Egypt's Suez Canal and blocked all in the vital waterway... By the novel coronavirus pandemic, ISMAILIA, Egypt A skyscraper-sized container ship became wedged across Egypt's Suez..

megaship blocks suez canal: what we know

container ship got stuck during Tuesday Egypt's Suez Canal, causing traffic jam of cargo ships through one of the busiest shipping lanes.. ... The Suez Canal Authority says the accident was mainly due to the lack of visibility due to the weather conditions when winds..

the scope of growing suez canal congestion

Chicago, IL, March 24, 2021 -- A growing number of ships are currently trapped in Suez Canal after TEU vessel Ever Given ran Tuesday at 40 am time. ... Suez Canal supports some 10% of global trade - and now Evergreen vessel has put in both directions to that vital trade..

the challenge of blocking the suez canal

Cosco Asia, Chinese-owned, Panamanian-flagged container ship, came under attack as it transited Suez Canal in the early afternoon Aug 31. ... It's also notable that the small boat in Suez Canal is lighter, and much more closely controlled Yemen, so it would also be more..


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