behind the times — fair

The Washington Times public relations line — printed as fact in a Time magazine profile (6/15/87) — maintains that the newspaper is “owned by a group of Korean investors affiliated with the Unification Church.” ..

shaped for the times

By modern standards at time and place, Carved 30,000 years Ice Age Europe, they depict women. ... There's never been time to explain the facts, cherish evidence-based knowledge and to showcase the latest scientific, technological and engineering breakthroughs. ..

the times are a changing

More employees will spend less time working from home and more time in the office, so the need for more home space for work will diminish. . ... Employees have learned that they don't need to go into an office to get their work done, are happier spending less time in meetings, and..

privacy law refreshed to reflect the times

In June this year, following considerable debate, Parliament passed Privacy Act not that many people noticed, as headlines at the time were dominated by the video of Dunedin MP David Clark. ... Crucial now will be how robust the law, is against the march of time and innovation, forces. ..

signs of the times

By the time you reach upper Freehold, you’re in Monmouth County, which Trump carried 52 percent to 43 percent. ... The confirmation hearing for Amy Coney Barrett begins this morning and will probably be underway by the time you read this. ..

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