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AMERICA/UNITED STATES - US immigration raids leave children without parents . ... Jackson (Agenzia Fides) - There is dismay, fear and confusion among many Latin American families in the State of Mississipi (United States) after the police raid left dozens..

autistics speak: nothing about us, without us

Autistics Speak: Nothing About Us, Without Us . August 1, 2019 6:57 PM   Subscribe . ... Thank you for educating us, ruetheday. . posted by Soliloquy at 10:56 PM on August 1 . . . « Older Possible 5X improvement in heat exchangers   |   Horror-Adjacent Newer » . . ..


The United States is the consumer of uranium, ing it imported 93 cent of the uranium it used.. ... The US Vice-President may hold the key to President's re-election next year.. ..

the central america us border blues

I'll let Dana Frank, woman who has spent many years Honduras, tell the story from recent book, The Long Honduran Night Resistance, Terror, and United States in Aftermath of Coup... ... Political movements like Make America Great Again and rightist efforts to oppress the..

can cooperstown help us recapture america?

My experience at Cooperstown was stark contrast to the progressive vision for America. Can we revive our roots and elevate our vision to that of America's godly founders, for the glory of God and the advancement of Christian faith... ..

america the beautiful, america the cruel

America that once deemed Chinese for immigration, and thus, held them captivity on Angel Island for months. ... He knows that causing pain for black and brown people is good optics and good politics for large percentage of American voting public 'Make America Great Again translates to..

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BC-US--Entertainment Digest, US | WSOC-TV Would you like to receive news alerts from WSOC? ... BC-US--Entertainment Digest, US . . . . If you have questions, please email Nekesa Mumbi Moody at nmoody@ap.org or Anthony McCartney at amccartney@ap.org. ..

2020: socialist america or trump's america?

To achieve Bernie Sanders Socialist America, the filibuster would have to be abolished, done, and Constitution altered, requiring the support of three-fourths of the states, not so easy.. ... Should Joe falter and fall, Trump would be the nation's last line of defense against the coming of..

bc-us--cotton, us

BC-US--Cotton, US . . . By  Associated Press . . . . . . New York (AP) — Cotton No. 2 Futures on the IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) Monday: . (50,000 lbs.; cents per lb.) . ..

'us' review: this is america

Us exaggerates and carves gripping and nightmarish parable out of the alarming vices that have sprung from America's treasured virtues. ... What is even more fascinating about Us is that while it tackles glaring wrong using sounds and images that incite and provoke, it remains..

huawei boss: the us cannot crush us

the US government is pressuring allies with unproven claims of the potential for Chinese government backdoors, UK's National Cyber Security Centre says that any risk can me managed thought its oversight and understanding of Huawei engineering and cyber security... ... By defendant accused..

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