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La violencia causada por las pandillas y el narcotráfico en los países del llamado Triángulo Norte, han obligado más de 380 mil personas huir de sus hogares, según dijo Voz de América el representante regional de Agencia del ONU los Refugiados Centroamérica y Cuba... ..

'america first' or 'america alone?': us

Trump's supporters say he has focused the energy where it really matters such as the economy and jobs for U.S workers rather than U.S policy and his detractors say that Trump is leading America to lose its place as leader of the free world... ... lot of people are competing to catch up with..


The impeachment of Donald Trump reflects the desperation of American capitalists who have no control over the president. ..

america/united states - us

AMERICA/UNITED STATES - US immigration raids leave children without parents . ... Jackson (Agenzia Fides) - There is dismay, fear and confusion among many Latin American families in the State of Mississipi (United States) after the police raid left dozens..

us officials say top us diplomat for latin

WASHINGTON  - The Trump administration's top diplomat for Latin America has resigned amid internal disputes over policy for the region, U.S officials said Wednesday. ... Breier, joined Trump October 2018, after government and the sector focused on Latin America. ..

america the beautiful, america the cruel

America that once deemed Chinese for immigration, and thus, held them captivity on Angel Island for months. ... He knows that causing pain for black and brown people is good optics and good politics for large percentage of American voting public 'Make America Great Again translates to..

2020: socialist america or trump's america?

To achieve Bernie Sanders Socialist America, the filibuster would have to be abolished, done, and Constitution altered, requiring the support of three-fourths of the states, not so easy.. ... Should Joe falter and fall, Trump would be the nation's last line of defense against the coming of..

trump's us government shutdown costs us economy

Congressional Budget Office said the cost of the shutdown will make the US economy 0.02 percent smaller than expected in 2019. ... Republican Trump had demanded that legislation to fund the government contain $US5.7 billion for his long-promised wall along US-Mexico border. ..

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