quality education

It fosters teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to land good jobs and help United States compete in the economy. ... Every dollar we invest in early childhood programs saves us up to $8 in the future... ..

climate action

Over US$300 . million mobilized for climate action since 2009 . Nearly 4 million . people protected with climate insurance in 2022 . ..

words and music

Yet that music for each of us — in, something that is special. And if I had chance, I'd go Drive-By Truckers, because I never have, it's Lizzo, too... ..

[ukraine war] bellingcat opens it up

Over the year, United States has built coalition of nations from Atlantic to Pacific to help defend Ukraine with unprecedented military, economic, and humanitarian support and that support will endure. — President Biden February 20, 2023... by artappraiser on Mon, 02 20 2023 - 1 00pm.. ..