us authorities sue binance boss

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed lawsuit against Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, and its founder and chief, Changpeng Zhao. ... According to SEC, Binance and Zhao failed to implement measures to prevent US customers from accessing their platform. ..

captain america 4 gets new title

Captain America New World Order has changed its title to Captain America Brave New World, as revealed by Anthony Mackie in behind-the-scenes photo.. Captain America 4 is still on track to release on May 3, 2024, and has had its title changed to Captain America Brave New..

a d-day mission for us all.

., on June 6, 1947, Eisenhower also talked about what America must do in the aftermath of D-Day to fulfill the mission. ... Eisenhower organized famine relief during the war and would later create the Food for Peace program after he became president of United States in 1953.. ..

(so like us.)

In April, about Moses experienced in accepting God's appointment as the one to lead Jews out of Egypt to Promised Land ( see Does Moses foreshadow Christ AND each of us.. ... Because our greatness consists in the grace we receive — the in the life of God that brings us to the height of..

north america loses more rigs

North America dropped five more rigs week on week, which was published on June 2.. ... Baker Hughes March 10 rig count showed week on week drop North America and its March 3 count also revealed that North America had cut two rigs week on week.. ..

us - china tensions

From the recent ones, including US official exchanges with Taiwan to decades-long disputes including the row over the US South China Sea presence, all are indicating that the situation might get out of control. ..

why is corporate america destroying itself?

And yet we have major parts of corporate America pretending as if this were nothing but an extension of the emancipationist campaigns of the past. ... Much of corporate America today is like Blackberry in 2007, pretending that the consumer revolt will go away and that things will get back..

us debt deal drives gcc bourses

UNITED STATES DEBT SAUDI ARABIA QATAR GCC EQUITIES. ABU DHABI Most Gulf stock markets closed higher after U.S. ... Before its weekend, Index FADGI Abu Dhabi closed in positive territory, 0.424% up, on Friday, one day after US Senate passed the bill. ..