a protest in the west bank

Protests have been Area C, the region of West Bank that is under full Israeli military control due to Oslo Accords. ... The police also revoked Helou's permit to Israel from West Bank. × In this video, sent via WhatsApp, friend documents Ahmed Helou's arrest..

israeli forces, palestinians clash throughout west

Israeli forces, Palestinians clash throughout West Bank . NOVEMBER 5, 2023 04:34 . . . . . Israeli forces and Palestinian terrorists clashed in Jenin, Nablus, and Tulkarm, as well as other locations throughout the West Bank on Saturday night and Sunday morning, according to..

gazan cancer patients stranded in west bank

RAMALLAH, WEST BANK—Die here or die there? . . For a group of more than 100 Gazan cancer patients stranded in the West Bank, the question is not entirely philosophical. . . × . . ... There are, in fact, surprisingly few Palestinian families split between Gaza and the..

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Varadkar said that while condemning Israel's in West Bank, we should not forget about the impact of car ramming Tel Aviv today. 9.9k 51.. ... Israeli army said the raid targeted militant suspects in hideout apartment accused of shootings in West Bank. 8.5k 21.. ..