executive director

New York Structural Biology Center, consortium of nine medical schools and universities New York, seeks to hire Executive Director. ... Executive Director manages the scientific and administrative activities of the Center. ..

executive briefing

Asia Society Australia present a special executive briefing with Richard Yetsenga, Chief Economist at ANZ Banking Group, and Trinh Nguyen, Senior Economist, Emerging Asia at Natixis, in conversation with Haidi Stroud-Watts, Anchor at Bloomberg, to discuss the state of play in our global economy and..

biden white house issues cryptocurrency

The in digital assets creates opportunity to reinforce American in the global financial system and at the frontier, and also has substantial implications for protection, stability, security, and climate risk, warns the executive order.. ... White House seems to understand and..

government executive

Another took big inhale from the hookah he had brought to the beach,  then puffed cloud of apple-scented lung aerosols into South Florida sky and, as it happens, into my nostrils as well. ..

executive magistracy

Third, the executive magistracy shared considerable burden of minor offences with the judiciary where the latter could focus and improve the dispensation of major offences. ... Some undoubtedly praiseworthy reform packages were introduced and the unintended consequence of abolishing..

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