do we need a january 6 news glut?

The “shared reality” people didn’t even pause when their fellow liberal Matthew Dowd announced on MSNBC that casualty counts aside, “January 6 was worse than 9/11.” ... No “independent fact-checker” gets involved. The wildest liberal exaggeration should be “shared..

80% of steam's top 100 games now work on linux

Proton has made enormous strides toward game compatibility through advances in related technologies like DXVK, which enable DirectX 9, 10, and 11 games to run through the Vulkan API. In fact, the project is so far along that Amazon has thrown its hat in the ring, working toward..

opinion: america is still a dangerous nation

But US history — and common sense — suggests that the climate can switch rapidly from cold to hot when confronted with new facts. Think of what happened after 9/11. Now imagine hordes of Ukrainians fleeing as Russian tanks churn up their towns this winter. . ..

wind turbines kill a few birds

The threat of terrorism has undoubtable cost a lot of money in additional security, but since incredibly tight security was the rule long before 9/11, I doubt the increase was even 25% of the security budget. No facts on that, just an educated guess. You'd have to have a team of..

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