adele secret relationship

As you know, Adele dropped her anticipated 30 — LP that explains divorce to her nine-year-old son, Angelo... Now, we know Angelo's, Simon, is who the album's about, and what we DIDN'T know is that Adele had relationship after her divorce... ..

adele releases hotly anticipated '30' album

Easy on Me, then dropping the tracklist, host Oprah Winfrey in interview broadcast last Sunday about the life events that inspired album on CBS two-hour special, Adele — One Night Only... ... Hello, Adele is one of the most successful singer-songwriters of all time, having stormed..

adele one night only‘ tv review

But one captured the simultaneously lovely and pretentious air of the entire, TV prelude to Adele event the release of 30, her first in six years.. ... But the fact that Griffith Observatory was packed with celebrities on the night the special was recorded flew in the face of that claim,..

exactly how adele lost 100 pounds

In, Adele is not fussy about what she eats she told Oprah that she loves to eat Chinese food and stopped by McDonald's the night before their interview. Adele's recent weight loss is due to breakup, Adele says it's more to do with being the mom she can be to Angelo.. ..

adele: why i'm more excited about celebrity adele

The re-emergence of the earlier this month reminded me just how much I love her without knowing Adele personally I ca not say for sure this version of her is Adele, even. ... Adele who jumps on Instagram Live and wonders what 'body count is before asking Rylan for advice on how..

adele givens

Queen of Comedy, Adele Givens uses her crass sense of humor to focus on everyday situations such as marriage, going to the gynecologist, and picking baby names. ..

adele ferguson

The manager may have been spared the torment of investigation into its fees for no services scandal except it still has much to atone for. 2 hours ago by Adele Ferguson... ..

why is everyone mad at adele?

Twitter post which sent the debate viral said Adele's photo marks all of the top white in pop as problematic... Many of the singer's fans have waved off the accusations of appropriation., saying Adele - as someone. ..

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