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The sincere and cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan will help tackle the terrorist threat, adding that there is phase of relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan... ... But it would seem to me, in the long term, Afghanistan need to include those. ..

afghanistan: planned disaster?

But Joe Biden must take the blame for Afghanistan's rapid, deadly, and descent into chaos and Taliban rule he has fastened on that nation. . ... Our Afghanistan, was run by CFR generals who lied to American with rosy pronouncements on alleged progress and the readiness of our Afghan..


Afghanistan. 1,371 views.. The Pentagon announced the completion of U.S from Afghanistan. 1,478 views.. ... Afghanistan. 1,054 views.. ..


In the week, rushed and humiliating Afghanistan evacuation has turned, in the worst circumstances, into a.. ... The gravity of Afghanistan debacle hit Boris Johnson when he gathered his in Cabinet Room on.. ..

exiting afghanistan

After two decades, $2 trillion and thousands and thousands of lives lost there was no longer any America for occupation of Afghanistan. ... Biden set pre-September deadline for withdrawal and that little bit of theater is going to cost our allies Afghanistan. ..


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Afghanistan has descended into chaos after Taliban seized control of Kabul. ... Australia is planning to start its summer with its Test against Afghanistan from November 27. ..


In August, Taliban forces took control of virtually all of Afghanistan following United States military withdrawal. ... Conflict and drought have caused the number of displaced people to soar, overwhelming Afghanistan's humanitarian aid system. ..

leaving afghanistan

US Marines patrol Kajaki, Afghanistan.. On this week's Left Right & Center, Josh, Liz and Ross talk about U.S from Afghanistan after nearly 20 years. ..

babysitting afghanistan

The decision to meet the agreed upon deadline of May 1 for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was 'tough and not tough enough to postpone the drawdown completely. ... Expecting countries of the region, including China, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey and India, to support Afghanistan..

afghanistan challenges

Americans are now in fix if Washington withdraws its forces from Afghanistan according to its promise and leaves Afghanistan such state of political chaos then everybody would accuse it of fleeing from Afghanistan just like Soviet Union. After American withdrawal there is..

congratulations, afghanistan!

Afghanistan Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, Japan and China Asia, never tasted direct colonial rule.. ... He had agreed that Amur River from Zozkul Wakhan to the confluence of Amu-Kokcha rivers or Iranian border be made the boundary of Afghanistan and Shaghnan and Roshan..

afghanistan war

Afghanistan has put the blame on Pakistan for the in the country. President Joe Biden's decision to withdraw all combat troops from Afghanistan in short space of time aligns with the priorities of Democratic party, and it would be mistake to view the decision as ideological and..

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