india’s gamble in afghanistan

In return for India's tacit recognition, Taliban are ready to act on intelligence against some of the jihadi groups, that have found Afghanistan. Pakistan's sponsorship of Taliban over nearly three decades has been predicated on the belief that Taliban could be counted on to limit Indian influence..


powerful earthquake that struck near Afghan of Khost is now known to have killed at least 1,000 people and injured more than 1,500 others. ..

geneva / afghanistan hunger record

Drought and economic crisis persist, threatening close to million people across the country, and Ukraine continues to put pressure on food and fuel prices, especially acutely Afghanistan where they were already much higher than before.. 8. ... Almost half of Afghanistan nearly million..

remember afghanistan – consortium news

General Licenses, aimed to ensure that U.S sanctions do not prevent or inhibit transactions and activities needed to provide aid to and support the human needs of the people of Afghanistan.. ... Short of another bloody military intervention, Taliban will remain in control of Afghanistan..

afghanistan ·

. # Afghanistan # Afghanistan Taliban announcement clear sign girls will be allowed to return to school. The community has appealed to Afghanistan's Taliban rulers to allow girls to return to school... # afghanistan - Thursday 17 March, 2022. # Security Council # Security..


Afghanistan Foreign Affairs & Defense. 1,309 views.. Price also answered questions on variety of topics that included the alliance between China and Russia, COVID-19 pandemic response, U.S troop from Afghanistan, and Yemen. 1,943 views.. ... Defense and State department officials..

regional framework for afghanistan

Things are less likely to change in favour of Afghanistan dissociation from all listed terrorist outfits, education reforms, human rights, women and children care and the release of some prisoners... ... Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Turkey ) shines the ray of hope for..


The US is investigating what happened to $200 billion of aid for Afghanistan. How Afghanistan's female footballers rebuilding lives, and careers, Australia. ..


Just a few days after the final withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban is continuing to establish its rule despite humanitarian problems and grim economic forecasts. ..

the tragedy of afghanistan

Published in 2002, collection of articles focusing on Afghanistan, Islam, imperialism and other discussions, providing insight into the positions we takes on these issues. £3.50 + £1.60 postage.. ... Afghanistan and the shape of the century, by Sean Matgamna. Islamism and the in..

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