afghans endure delays in u.s.

Rather United States should help Afghans who assisted in the war to flee Taliban and resettle in Middle East, The Associated Press on Wednesday... ... In new figures released Thursday, EU's asylum agency said that asylum applications by Afghans numbered 7,300 July -- before the..

ohio set to admit 855 displaced afghans

Across the country, California and Texas will resettle the number of Afghans 5,255 and 4,481, respectively, according to State Department for Afghan Placement and Assistance program obtained by The Associated Press. ... We do not know what types of programs Afghans will be..

helping vulnerable afghans out of kabul

Army Times, Air Force Times, Military Times, Marine Corps Times, Navy Times, Defense News, Defense News Weekly nostick= true > Pineapple Express - helping Afghans out of Kabul. operation provided assistance to Afghans to get through the gates at the airport and onto some of the last..

q&a on afghans fleeing taliban

While the US has yet to announce specific resettlement pledge for Afghan refugees, it has offered refugee processing to certain Afghans, such those. ... By extending residency status and work authorization to, EU, US, and other governments have opportunity to demonstrate their..

afghans in london hold protest

The march was attended by number of protestors from all age groups carrying flags of Afghanistan, calling on the world to do more to restore Afghanistan and help Afghans. ... The protestors called on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to accommodate more Afghan refugees and help..

thousands of afghans remain stranded

Military flights resumed following two days of chaos there as Westerners and Afghans raced to escape the country... many thousands of Afghans who had been employed by Western embassies and nongovernment organizations Kabul remained stranded and unable to reach the airport for evacuation..

the canadian effort to relocate afghans

Taliban's capture of Kabul has caught NATO governments flat-footed in their efforts to extricate their embassy staff and Afghan nationals. While many foreigners have been home, lot of Afghans are stuck. Now, these residents are scared that Taliban will find them and their families.. ..

top u.s. diplomat visits afghans

I wanted to demonstrate with my visit the commitment of United States to Islamic Republic and the people of Afghanistan, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani as they met at Kabul.. Blinken arrived in Afghan from Brussels, where he and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin briefed NATO officials on U.S..

evacuating the afghans

These Afghans have to be extricated from the country and taken to U.S military base, beyond the reach of Taliban. ... And, thousands of Afghans who sided with us in that losing fight are almost certain to be hunted down the moment we're no longer there to protect them. ..

with war over, afghans battle ignorance

With War Over, Afghans Battle Ignorance. Jerz 27 Feb 2002... in the past three months, the pent-up thirst for knowledge and modern skills has transformed the capital. Dozens of storefront language and computer skills centers have sprung up, up to take entrance exams at the newly revived..

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