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Airbus is in the aerospace sector.. The corporation designs, manufactures and delivers aircraft, helicopters, military transports and more.. 22 03, 29 MAY 2020... The END of SUPERJUMBO Double Airbus AXED Latest News THE plane A380 is being axed, Airbus has confirmed... ..

airbus weighs in on coronavirus

Airbus Statement Airbus is monitoring the evolution of Coronavirus situation and following World Health Organization travel advice that is affecting Airbus globally... ... Airbus will provide updates as the situation evolves... ..

china rejects airbus hacking report

Beijing rejected AFP report that Chinese hackers were suspected of being behind series of cyber attacks on European Airbus... ... The hackers targeted Airbus suppliers -- British Rolls-Royce,   French technology consultancy and Expleo, and two other French contractors -- in search of..

adios airbus a380

In 2000, we did not know what the market would look like 20 years later, Airbus's outgoing CEO Tom Enders told French daily in Thursday... ... The scratching of Airbus A380 echoes the fate of Concorde, another feat of technology that turned out to be commercial flop.. ..

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