alaska begins assessing storm’s damage

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Authorities were making contact with some of the remote villages in United States on Monday to determine the need for food and water and assess damage from massive weekend storm that flooded communities dotting Alaska's vast western coast.. ... About 21,000 residents..

region 11: alaska

Alaska Regional Office provides management and coordination among Alaska Science Center, Volcano Science Center, & other partners operating AK... ... Understanding the rates and causes of coastal change Alaska is needed to identify and mitigate hazards that might..

alaska experiencing unprecedented wildfire season

The frequency of these big seasons has doubled from what it was in the half of the century, said Rick Thoman, specialist with Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy at the University of Alaska's International Arctic Research Center.. ... On May 31, lightning strike on the in..

japanese invasion of alaska

With huge resources allocated to this operation, American defenders Alaska were about to meet one of the invasion forces this soil would ever see, so join us as we delve deeper into the struggle for Alaska and Aleutian Islands.. 6 Academic Skills You Need Before Starting College..

so, russia wants alaska back

Yep, Russia is demanding Alaska be returned to Russia despite the fact that Russia sold the territory that would later become America's 49th state to United States in 1867 for $7.2 million.. ... This unserious posturing is not going to Biden hand the deed to Alaska back to Russia or..

alaska airlines launches pilot academy

Alaska Airlines and its partner, Horizon Air, have launched effort to establish school of their own in Redmond, Oregon area Ascend Pilot Academy. .. ... The academy will register and train up to 250 students year, with support for cadets ranging from low-interest financial aid, $25,000 stipend..

baked alaska saint pierre recipe

Flaming on the outside, frozen within, Baked Alaska is contradiction Layers of cake that sandwich ice cream are swathed in marshmallow meringue, baked until the exterior is toasted, then flambéed for thrilling finale.. ..

alaska air group, inc.

Alaska Air Group, Inc is holding company, which engages in the provision of air transportation services. Mainline segment includes Alaska's Boeing or Airbus aircraft for passengers and cargo throughout U.S., and in parts of Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica. ..

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