ways alexa can help you save money

You can also put Alexa in command of Nest thermostat to reduce your heating and cooling costs, or Alexa with Rachio Smart Sprinkler to save on your water bill while keeping your lawn hydrated. ... Just ask, Alexa, where can I go for $200.., and she'll hook you up with KAYAK to..

tripit gets google assistant and alexa support

Adding TripIt works like any other Alexa or Google Assistant integration users will have to open the app for their service of choice and add TripIt there, after. Once you've set it up, you'll be able to ask Google Assistant or Alexa things like when your flight takes off or what the..

alexa conversations to get more natural

With users asking Alexa for help with more sophisticated tasks shopping, ticket purchasing or making reservations, they want to be able to speak with Alexa fluidly across multiple topics. Meyer noted that eCommerce giant would like to Alexa learn to predict true from the..

alexa, how can amazon monetize you?

Rohit Prasad, Amazon's lead scientist for Alexa, debuted new initiative called Alexa Conversations -- under-the-hood improvement now developer preview -- that will enable Alexa to handle multi-part queries in conversational format. ... In interview with TheStreet, Steve..

how to secure your alexa device

To delete your archive, go into Alexa app and select and then go through and delete all of your past recordings.. ... To change your wake word you can say, Alexa, change the wake word, or you can go to Alexa App and go to > select your device > select > select new wake word from..

alexa peters

Alexa Peters is writer and editor based Seattle. She has written most about music, culture, travel and for The Seattle Times, The Washington Post, Leafly, No Depression, Paste Magazine, Seattle Magazine,  Amy Poehler's Smart Girls,  and Fretboard Journal... ..

alexa has an evil big brother

Alexa to respond to requests for information, to play music, to turn off the lights and perform countless other tasks. ... they should not plant device named Alexa in their living room.. Potentially, in the not too future, in country private political beliefs may be discovered, and it..

kera alexa skills

KERA skills are now available for your Alexa device.  . Alexa is voice-activated assistant created by Amazon that is built in to numerous devices, including Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show, and many Fire tablets and Fire TV.. With any Alexa-compatible device, you can..

the wine enthusiast amazon alexa skill

Alexa, ask Wine Enthusiast what wine goes with Chicken Marsala.. Alexa, ask Wine Enthusiast to pair wine with Chicken Marsala. and you'll receive ideal pairing wine for the dish. ... Just download and install Alexa app on your phone, add Wine Enthusiast skill and you are..

alexa, why are we lonely?

Alexa, why are we lonely? . Today 1:08 PM . . Tech devices are taking away the human connection. . . . ... “Why are we lonely, Alexa?” I asked. . “Mmm. I don’t know that one,” she said. ..

roku and alexa are friends now

It's no surprise that both developers and consumers love Alexa and Roku.. ... you'll be excited to learn that today we released Roku for Alexa, making Alexa with Roku's existing voice search and control features. ..

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