the best alexa easter eggs

There are dozens of funny things you can ask Alexa. Here are some of our favorite movie, TV, music, and just plain Alexa Easter eggs.. Alexa, who lives in pineapple under the sea... Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, Start... ..

alexa tietjen – wwd

YouTuber, model, author and activist spoke at WWD's Culture Conference New York.. 58m • Alexa Tietjen.. ... YouTuber opens up about his relationship with Morphe, losing followers to Internet drama and his 2020 content plans.. 5h • Alexa Tietjen.. ..

alexa ura

Alexa Ura is editor and reporter at The Texas Tribune. she covers the intersection between politics and race with emphasis on the state's surging Hispanic population. ..

the verge guide to amazon alexa

Amazon also has incorporated Alexa into its Fire Stick and Fire line of tablets.. ... And once you have Alexa, what do you do with it.. We offer reviews and coverage of Alexa-containing devices, along with tips on how best to use Alexa and its various skills .. ..

alexa to impersonate celebrities

Amazon has announced that its  Echo Alexa will soon be able to speak in the voices of A-list celebrities - with sweary Pulp Fiction Samuel L. The new feature is among variety of new Alexa features unveiled at the US tech Seattle, Washington, on Wednesday.  . ..

amazon alexa: namaste india! alexa gets a hindi

Meet the very-local, Hindi-speaking Alexa, sans American accent. Born Ranchi, Prasad is vice-president at Amazon's global headquarters and is counted among key personalities behind the birth of the voice assistant... ... Also, we adding more transparency on when the data is being collected and..

alexa vs. google

Right now, people turning to Amazon Alexa most often — in 2017, it had 62 percent market share compared to Google's 25 percent, German data company. ... Alexa has selection of third party skills to choose from, including the ability to hail Lyft with just your voice or buying things on..

amazon crowdsourcing alexa answers

Amazon is rolling out new program to let anybody provide answers to questions that Alexa is unable to answer.. Alexa Answers is meant to expand the smart knowledge base to keep it competitive with Google Assistant and Apple's Siri. ..

is amazon's alexa bilingual?

Alexa currently operates English. That's about to change, however, starting with the introduction of new voice model for Alexa Skills Kit. This model allows developers to create Alexa skills specifically for Spanish-speaking users.. ..

alexa peters

Alexa Peters is writer and editor based Seattle. She has written most about music, culture, travel and for The Seattle Times, The Washington Post, Leafly, No Depression, Paste Magazine, Seattle Magazine,  Amy Poehler's Smart Girls,  and Fretboard Journal... ..

"alexa, play music"

Alexa, play Pop Culture to hear the ultimate for today's pop music... Alexa, play Imagine Dragons station to hear station inspired by the popular rock band... ..

alexa has an evil big brother

Alexa to respond to requests for information, to play music, to turn off the lights and perform countless other tasks. ... they should not plant device named Alexa in their living room.. Potentially, in the not too future, in country private political beliefs may be discovered, and it..

alexa, why are we lonely?

Alexa, why are we lonely? . Today 1:08 PM . . Tech devices are taking away the human connection. . . . ... “Why are we lonely, Alexa?” I asked. . “Mmm. I don’t know that one,” she said. ..

roku and alexa are friends now

It's no surprise that both developers and consumers love Alexa and Roku.. ... you'll be excited to learn that today we released Roku for Alexa, making Alexa with Roku's existing voice search and control features. ..

meet the jewish alexa: adina

Alexa was first used in Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers and is capable of voice interaction, playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information, such as news. ..

listen live with alexa

Say, Alexa, enable the SPORTS TALK TEN FIFTY THE TICKET Skill.. Alexa, enable the THE TICKET TEN FIFTY Skill.. ... Alexa, open SPORTS TALK TEN FIFTY THE TICKET. Alexa, open the THE TICKET TEN FIFTY Skill... ..

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