donald trump vs. the 14th amendment

In the post- Civil War environment, that ruling had to be corrected and so Amendment's congressional authors in such way as to include freed slaves and anyone born in United States.. ... But Constitution, context, and common sense, all make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment's clause..

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letters: 2nd amendment

Column’s 2nd Amendment view was dim . I am writing in response to the column from Luis Valdes regarding the state of gun laws in Florida (“Florida’s Republican lawmakers dismiss the Second Amendment,” Jan. 6). ... Florida needs more sensible life-saving solutions to the gun violence..

the second amendment defined

It's also important to see and understand why that amendment is listed second to the amendment that protects the rights to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right of citizens to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.. 1791..

higher education and the first amendment

I know this position is contrary to many First Amendment advocates, not least followers of Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression. ... Insisting the colleges and universities conflate their policies with First Amendment fails to recognize education's missions.. ..

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the best home improvement apps

There are apps for just about every aspect of the home improvement process. . ... Next steps with home improvement apps . When you’ve got a list of home improvement projects to work on, stock your phone or tablet with a convenient toolbox of apps. ..