bds is anti-zionist, not anti-semitic

Working Definition of Antisemitism., under which anti- Zionism, or even lesser criticisms of Israel, are classified as inherently anti-Semitic.. ... The rise of anti-Semitic and in this country is reality, as Tree of Life massacre, the. ..

hobart city council: anti-anti-anti-protest

Anti-anti-anti-protest pollies protest Hobart City Council. Irony abounds as Tasmanian aldermen walk out of order to prevent vote on anti-protest laws... Dec 05, 2019... council push against Tasmanian government's new anti-protest bill has culminated in deeply..

anti-boycott measure wrong way to combat

But CDU CSU, SPD, FDP and Bündnis90 Die Grünen motion that passed Bundestag recently that present boycotts of Israel as anti-Semitic is misplaced and the wrong way to combat anti-Semitism. ... In review of anti-boycott laws in the US, Kaye concluded that the legislation..


This is the story (26 minutes) of the Cristeros rebellion against the anti-catholic government of President Calles in Mexico less than 100 years ago and… . ..

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