makkah summits and arab alliance

By legitimate organizations, Why is Iran like Yemeni conflict, which is being dealt with— UN Security Council and Arab League... ... They use the likes of Nasrallah, in recruiting Arab soldiers to serve Persian, Mohammad Ali Alhusaini, Secretary General of Arab Islamic..

iran rejects arab summit accusations

Saudi Arabia's king told Arab summit that decisive action was needed to stop Iranian escalations in the region. ... Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi rejected the baseless accusations by the heads of certain Arab countries and said 'We see Saudi effort to mobilize opinion state..

the eu courts the arab league

The first summit between European Union and Arab League, known took place on February 24-25. ... Nor did those priorities include the reference to all the problems with which Europe is struggling -- migration from Arab, terrorism and extremism imported from Arab world. ..

arab art online

His work examined important shifts Iraq's in the 1950s and 1960s, including the coup that toppled the in 1958, giving power to Ba'ath party, Pan- Arab nationalist group that gave form to the rise of Saddam Hussein's in the late 0s.. ... In his 1956 untitled painting, Ismail captures village scene..

article: the dis-united arab emirates

FBI agents seized documents in Broidy's office related to potentially illegal 'pay-to-play' operations involving Broidy's firms and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, in addition to a Broidy extortion attempt against Qatar. . ... Broidy's association with the Saudis and Emiratis remains very..

arab spring 2.0

How far and long this phase of Arab Spring could last is difficult to predict and one thing can be said with confidence Arab masses have made comeback have lost their fear of brutal force and repression by regimes.. Arab Spring in 2010-11 was triggered by Tunisian people who..

celebrating great arab divas

tribute to the female voices from Arab world. In May 2018, singers Abeer Nehme, Dalal Abu Amneh and Mai Farouk performed Paris, famous songs by Oum Kalthoum, Fairouz, Warda and Asmahan. ..

another arab spring?

The Syrian and Yemeni civil wars, both triggered by the popular, initially non-violent revolutions of Arab Spring, may be stumbling towards end, and the whole tragic sequence of events is still too people's minds for them to want to try again... ..

eu-arab summit: eu bid to bolster arab links as us

The encroaching powers on the region led Donald Tusk to declaration via Twitter, talking of common challenges faced by UK and Arab League.. ... Just like Beirut, it's anticipated that the participants will focus on protocol issues more than discussing the current crises in Arab world.....

good riddance to ‘arab nato’

American efforts to create alliance of Middle East nations to Iran faltering amid regional divisions, departure of key Trump administration officials leading the project, and disagreements over the group's mission, say U.S and Arab officials... ... Arab NATO, was idea that served no..

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