israel hosts arab, us top diplomats

The gathering brought together the top diplomats from Egypt and three Arab nations, that signed Abraham Accords to normalize relations with Israel under Trump administration.. ... Sudan, Arab country to normalize ties with Israel during Trump administration, is mired turmoil following..

arab world : arab youth: aspirations for the new

Arab youth express their hopes and wishes for New Year, spanning everything from civil and political rights, to education, to arts and culture. ... Arab Spring, Arab, Arabellion, Confessionalism, Democracy and civil society, Economy, Education, Free and censorship, Freedom of..

rivalry between arab parties threatens arab,

He said, ultra-Orthodox parties forget that they voted for the law, the law and other laws targeting Arab society... ... Historically, Arab and ultra-Orthodox Knesset members cooperated on advancing child stipends, against budgets for kibbutzim, favor of expanding jurisdictions of..

the arab spring: an obituary

Western response to Arab Spring reflects the failure of imagination that blinds us to the role of Islam Middle Eastern culture and society. ... the outcome of Arab Spring will resemble the legacies of the  Iranian Revolution and the defeat of Soviet Union Afghanistan by the mujahidin..

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