russia's relentless quest for arctic oil

For quite time the possibility of allowing non-state companies into Arctic offshore was entertained, and since 2015 the topic was dropped despite U.S sanctions pitching out JV partners. ... Kara Sea, home to most of known Arctic discoveries, has experienced the most tangible increase in..

what’s become of the arctic

Bjørn Olson Over the past two summers, Bjørn Olson rode bike seven hundred miles along the shoreline of Chukchi Sea, from the city of Kotzebue, on Arctic Circle, to Utqiagvik, the in United States. ... Old habits of race and class, of exoticizing and orientalizing Alaska's Native people, also..

your jeans are polluting the arctic

The team of seven researchers were inspired to embark on the study when they were collecting microplastic samples from Canadian Arctic and North America's Great Lakes... ... To see the authors looked at samples of sediments they collected from suburban lakes near Toronto, Great Lakes, and Canadian..

thawing arctic permafrost

Natali, Associate Scientist and Arctic Program Director, Woods Hole Research Center, Arctic ecologist focusing on the ecosystem and carbon cycling consequences of permafrost thaw.. ... This article was posted on Friday, July 24th, 2020 at 8 36am and is filed under Arctic Ice..

arctic (2018)

Arctic rides coaster the weight of responsibility for another life, and the ever-decreasing odds of survival. The closing few moments, however, suggest that Arctic almost wanted to 'cheat the ending. ..

russia's plans for arctic supremacy

friction with Kiev and West has overshadowed Russia's military build-up in Arctic, Moscow's long-term ambitions for the region are making other Arctic countries nervous, Norway in particular.. ... Vostok 2014 full-scale military exercise, was indication of Russia's intentions in..

arctic ice core proves hot

A sediment core from 400m below the seabed of Arctic Ocean showed that Fifty-five years ago, in Eocene, North Pole was ice-free and enjoying tropical temperatures. ... The fossil record that this part of British Columbia and much of Earth was warmer around that time, or as is the in..

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