argentina announces 1st monkeypox death

Argentina recorded its first death from monkeypox of adult male with underlying pathologies, Health Ministry announced Monday, citing Xinhua.. ... The Argentine Health Ministry set up team for surveillance and specific recommendations for health teams and the population after the first..

don’t cry for me argentina

That summed up the pattern of match that started with Messi giving Argentina the lead, converting in the 10th minute for his 92nd international goal. ... Such was Argentina's initial dominance that Saudi Arabia did not have shot on in the half, during. ..

u.s. relations with argentina

In 2019, The number of Argentine students studying in United States increased for the in row and Argentina remained one of the top 25 destinations for U.S students studying abroad.. In September 2017, NASA partnered with Argentine space agency to hold the first-ever Disaster..

whales surprise two paddleboarders in argentina

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argentina maradona

By plane dedicated to the legend, Fans pose for backdropped Diego Maradona, at military base Moron, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Saturday, July 23, 2022. The plane will visit Argentina's provinces Colombia, Mexico, U.S and Italy, before arriving at its destination, World..


Washington and its allies seek either to remain hegemonic and weaken China and Russia or to erect Iron Curtain around these two countries, writes Vijay Prashad. ..

argentina wildfire rages amid drought

Argentina wildfire rages amid drought by Sebastian Toba 2 days ago... ... firefighter battles wildfire that has spread to cover more than 500,000 hectares underscoring the impact of dry weather due to Nina, Corrientes, Argentina, February 15, 2022... ..

argentina ·

. # Argentina # Argentina Three people die of Argentina, six others ill. ... The staff being tried for alleged criminal negligence in the death of Argentine football legend... # argentina - Thursday June, 2022. # Good Night Messi hails Argentina's..


Most drugs or contraband smuggled into Argentina in Formosa province crosses Chaco to reach the hubs. One of Argentina's largest... Los Monos, led by members of Cantero family, has been operating for more than 20 years in Argentine of Rosario... ..

country profile: argentina

The eighth-largest country in the world by area, Argentina spans 4,000 kilometres from the terracotta-red hills of Jujuy, on Bolivian border, to where the gelid waters of Atlantic lap at the shores of Tierra del Fuego.. ... Argentina is home to indigenous peoples including Mapuche,..

argentina to nationalize private pensions

The proposal, which triggered steep drop on Argentina's stock market reinforces Argentina's as in financial circles and represents repudiation of system of private pensions that had been in vogue in developing countries. In 2001, Argentina announced the debt default in history....

the argentina farmers' strike

Index of Economic Freedom reports low scores for Argentina on property rights, freedom, freedom from corruption and, especially, freedom, stemming from the still-unresolved 2001-2002 crisis when Argentina defaulted on its foreign debt.. Instead of perpetuating welfare state handouts and..

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