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., keySentence null, url. armenia-s-parliament-votes-to-lift-martial-law-ahead-of-june-elections., masterCms. v2., plainText.. ... For Armenia, the killing of their people in Ottoman Empire and the surrounding regions during 1915-1923 was masterminded and perpetrated by the government of..

greece sends humanitarian aid to armenia

Greece Sends Humanitarian Aid to Armenia. Credit Armenian National Committee of Greece Facebook Over the weekend, Greece sent planeload of humanitarian relief supplies gathered by Armenian organizations in the country,  destined for the victims of Armenian-Azerbaijani Artsakh .. The Greek..

armenia is trolling russia

On November 21, Russian delegation, including Prime Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, visited Armenia and Azerbaijan holding series of meetings with the leadership of both countries on the in the region and the settlement of Karabakh question. ..

armenia ceasefire: a truce to last

Russian troops flying into Armenia this week and fanning out to police the ceasefire lines Nagorno-Karabakh being sent there for five years renewable, and neither Armenia Azerbaijan will challenge them.. ... In contrast, the population of the Republic of Armenia has fallen by..

armenia and azerbaijan settle their differences

You can see why they've been unable to agree for after it was announced that two countries that have been disputing the 'ownership of land for 32 years, Armenia and Azerbaijan, have, at last, managed to resolve their differences and put end to the conflict.. ... Armenia and Azerbaijan..

armenia: caught in its own trap?

The stage was set by 1994, following war with Armenia, enclave within Azerbaijan with Armenian population and seven surrounding Azerbaijani districts. ... Cut off from the sea its Azerbaijan and lacking the wealth and natural resources of its neighbors had stunted Armenia's growth for..

architecture from armenia

Selected out of 136 submissions from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan, the intervention is not instantly recognizable as cinema, reinventing the usual design... ... May 04, 2020 © Ieva Saudargaite The of Armenia responds to both past traditions and the country's..

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