the emoluments clause

Santa Claus has come and gone and the clause that is here to stay is the emoluments clause of U.S. ... In another ham-fisted attempt at gaslighting, out that the clause is concerned with receiving money from foreign powers. ..

article 19

ARTICLE 19 also calls on UK court to reject Assange's to the US, he could face up to 175 years in prison.. ..

article archive

Ben George, editor at Little, Brown who works with some of the biggest names fiction and nonfiction, talks about the relationship, r, and the art of revision. ... ..

article 35a: explained: kashmir's article 35a

Article 35A of Constitution is in Supreme Court. The piece of legislation that confers certain rights and privileges on the residents of Jammu and Kashmir will face scrutiny.. ... Article 35A allows Jammu and Kashmir legislature to define permanent residents of the state. ..

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