of mahua moitra and plagiarism

The in question, was Martin Longman's January 31st, 2017, Washington Monthly article, 'The 12 Early Warning Signs of Fascism While other critics of Moitra, including Zee Sudhir Chaudhury, repeated the charge of plagiarism on television, in Twitter debate that followed, I scrupulously..

washington post fails to balance article on nato

Washington Post coverage of NATO invitation to give joint address to Congress frames President Donald Trump's approach to NATO as aggressive and nationalistic rather than with more balanced tone about Trump's efforts to preserve the institution and have NATO allies stand up for themselves and fulfill their..

populism might not be ebbing

In early 2018, short article for Washington Post, arguing that the populism wave would continue sweeping through countries that year — despite the fact that, at least in parts of the world, it appeared to be plateauing. ..

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