move fast on deals, duterte urges asean

No one is safe until all of us are safe, as of Thursday, 1,026,004 people in Asean nations alone.. President thus called for hastened implementation of COVID-19 Asean Response Fund, Asean Regional Reserve of Medical Supplies, and Asean Center for Public Health..

asean must help rohingya

For Asean, the summit is reminder that it must rise from its slumber and revisit its commitment to uphold human rights in all member states.. ... Upon accepting the responsibility of chairmanship for 2020, Vietnam promised that its top priority would be to advance Asean's in the..

asean recovery will be bumpy

In 2021, the return to growth ASEAN economies rests on the containment of COVID-19, structural growth and global outlook. ... In other ASEAN-6 countries, the projected cases remain fraction of those in Indonesia and Philippines ... ..

us, china rivalry: challenges to asean

The promotion of peace and stability with the cooperation among all the member states is the main of ASEAN. ... The mismanagement of relationship of ASEAN member countries under the rivalry of US and China's balance of in the region would question the credibility of ASEAN as..

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