what about julian assange?

Why are not Left crying for Julian Assange. Where are the demands that the government do something.. ... I can assume that Julian Assange has been abandoned by Left well Hillary Clinton, and hence costing her the US presidency.. ..

u.s. asks for assange extradition

The Department of Justice has made its formal request to U.K to extradite WikiLeaks Julian Assange.. ... The treaty between U.K and U.S., signed in 2003 and made in 2007, required that the formal request for extradition and the documents supporting the extradition request had to be received within..

sweden to reopen assange case

The decision complicates the future of Assange, who is Belmarsh prison for breaking British bail conditions in 2012 when he took refuge in Ecuador­ean London.. ... WikiLeaks says Ecuador is preparing to hand over all of Assange's belongings from inside their London to US.. ..

vips: extradition of julian assange

On April, London police removed WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange from the embassy of Ecuador Lenin Moreno, revoked his predecessor's grant of asylum. Assange and Manning took measures to Manning and that they used folder on cloud drop box of WikiLeaks to transmit classified..

the prosecution of assange is infinitely bigger than

By empire lackeys all around the today is the argument being that since, Assange is not journalist bleated constantly Assange is not journalist, this is not setting precedent for journalists. ... This mountain of smears exists people are babbling about Assange's personality, or..

op-ed: journalism’s assange problem

Julian Assange gestures after WikiLeaks founder was arrested by officers from Metropolitan Police and taken into custody on April 11 .. ... it shared its rationale for making the redactions with WikiLeaks in the hope that they would edit the documents, and Assange does not appear to..

the ordeal of julian assange

IMF deal coincided with the increasing attempts by Ecuadorian government to proceed with the expulsion of Julian Assange from its London embassy and his arrest is sign that Moreno regime is willing to give up any part of its sovereignty   political, diplomatic, or economic, to comply with the..

prisoner assange

The difference there was rather Assange and WikiLeaks published the software. ... The difference between what Times did and what Assange did is not only the fact that Times is newspaper and its reporters are journalists. ..

assange extradition

Julian Assange should have gone to Sweden, Conservative prime minister at the time. ... LONDON, U.K — Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is character, and he also has very poor judgement. ..

keaton plays wikileaks' julian assange

I hope you're proud of every single photo in your iCloud, Keaton's Assange says to one prisoner, because boom, all your ding-dong pics just went on the internet... ... Keaton dropped line from the movie during his appearance on Saturday Night Live, where he played Julian Assange. ..

assange extracted from embassy

Police arrested Assange and he was taken before British court -- the first step in battle that he has vowed to fight.. Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno decided to evict Assange from the embassy after repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life protocols, and he later..

julian assange arrested

By releasing stolen from the computers of Assange is also suspected of aiding Russian in the 2016 election Clinton campaign and Democratic Party. ... It'll be interesting to test US ability to apply Espionage Act to Assange. ..

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