nuclear issues escalate under aukus

AUKUS details indicate escalating nuclear challenges for Australia, including the local disposal of weapons grade waste and the weakening of non-proliferation treaty. . ... She says AUKUS agreement escalates lot of nuclear issues which Australia has rejected in the past, and sees..

aukus is a gamechanger

The scrutiny around the pathway has obscured the significance of the pillar of Aukus pact. ... British people agree majority of Brits are convinced that Aukus will act as deterrent against Chinese in Indo-Pacific. ..

nuclear submarine doubts: us lawmakers and aukus

It must come as something of irony that Congress is concerned that the US will suffer its own challenges to sovereignty by committing Virginia-class vessels to Australia under AUKUS agreement. AUKUS options that would have the US transfer or sell Virginia-class submarines prior to..

canada's absence from aukus pact concerns military

From coherent and carbon tax position, to cutting 'Freedom Convoy connection and smiling more, Pierre Poilievre has seven New Year's resolutions to woo the in 2023, writes Don Martin in column for opinion Don Martin's prediction on whether Trudeau will stick around for another election. ..

aukus, technology and militarising australia

No reflection follows that such hostility has been aided, in no small part, by AUKUS pact that has put countries in the region, with China being the primary target, on military notice.. ... This article was posted on Friday, July 22nd, 2022 at 12 10am and is filed under AUKUS Security..

pentagon meeting promises aukus action by ‘early 2022’

Washington The US, UK and Australia have committed to finalising program of work by early next year, after delegates at the weekend concluded their first AUKUS meetings at Pentagon.. AUKUS, announced September by President Joe Biden, along with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and..

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