first karabakh armenian convicted in azerbaijan

mini=true&url=https%3A eurasianet org first-karabakh-armenian-convicted-in-azerbaijan&title=&summary=Vagif Khachatryan, veteran of First Karabakh War in the early 1990s, pleaded not guilty except was convicted of crimes including genocide. ... Khachatryan was Karabakh Armenian to be arrested and..

monetary base in azerbaijan increases

The monetary base Azerbaijan amounted to 18.4 billion manat as of October 31, 2023, or 1.7 billion manat more than in the period of 2022, .. The data of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan shows that the monetary base in the period of 2022 exceeded 16.2 billion manat .. ..

find truth, not propaganda, about azerbaijan

Some Azerbaijanis on the other side of Aras River* that separates the Republic of Azerbaijan from what is also called 'South Azerbaijan. ... It rises Turkey and flows along the borders between Turkey and Armenia, between Turkey and Nakhchivan exclave of Azerbaijan, between Iran..

azerbaijan –

Est 3min The foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan met Iran, their first talks with Russia saying the main issue had been resolved pending further work on peace treaty... ... Est 5min EU condemned on Tuesday the military Karabakh and called on Azerbaijan to stop its current..