protesters leaving us embassy in baghdad

Protesters leaving US Baghdad. Iraqi militia has called on its supporters to stop protesting outside the US Baghdad following US raid that killed militiamen.. ... Iraqi protesters have started to withdraw from outside the US Baghdad, Iraq's INA state news agency reports, after..

turmoil in beirut and baghdad

new wave of Arab Spring seems to have cropped up on the streets of Beirut and Baghdad. ... In violent response to protesters Baghdad by the government forces, many demonstrators have been killed and injured since the early days of October. ..

iraq declares baghdad curfew as protests persist

Iraq declared Baghdad on Monday and the government's most supporter called for early elections, citing Reuters.. Baghdad's top military commander imposed the curfew from midnight state television said, and protesters in the capital's Tahrir Square remained defiant.. ..


Bagdad's origins go back Unión Soviética — fusion of Bagdad, El Pentágono and Matar o Morir. ... Bagdad emerged and it's still collection of smaller groups.. Cholo Chorrillo, was the leader of Unión Soviética groups and took over Bagdad when its predecessor..

in baghdad, war museum honors fallen militiamen

BAGHDAD — few steps from Baghdad's heart and its famous book market on al-Mutanabi Street lies Iraqi attraction museum glorifying the sacrifices of thousands of mainly Shiite militiamen. ... Shiite militias building economic empires, reconstruction companies and projects, and..


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