iraqi kurdistan conference pushes baghdad-israel

More than 300 Iraqis, including tribal leaders, attended in Kurdistan organised by US think-tank demanding normalisation of relations between Baghdad and Israel, Saturday.. ... They included Sunni and Shiite representatives from six governorates Baghdad, Mosul, Salaheddin, Al- Anbar,..

saigon 1975, kabul 2021, baghdad 2024?

The creation of Western-run green zone in the middle of Baghdad emphasized that point on, and it's the only example.. ... By ordering air strikes on pro, Moreover, his own contempt for Iraq's supposed sovereignty on occasions- Iranian militias in both Iraq and Syria over the protests of..

roadside bomb kills 30 in baghdad market

roadside bomb attack targeted Baghdad Monday, killing at least 18 people and wounding dozens of others at crowded market, Roadside bomb kills Baghdad market. By QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA BAGHDAD roadside bomb attack targeted Baghdad Monday, killing at least 30 people and..

thomas: ‘baghdad bob’ rides again

-led invasion of Iraq, al-Sahaf said with a straight face that U.S. forces were “not even (within) 100 miles (of Baghdad),” as TV images showed the truth. ... Baghdad Bob said it best, though in a completely different context, as he admonished the American media in 2003: “Search for..

rockets target us embassy in baghdad

Eight rockets have targeted US Embassy Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, Iraq's military and Iraqi officials said, sparking fears of renewed unrest as next anniversary of the US slaying of Iranian general draws near. ... In September, Iraq that it will close its Baghdad if the..

baghdad: us fears attack, to close embassy

Baghdad US fears attack, to close embassy. CAIRO The United States stands ready to close its Baghdad's Green Zone, ... ... Al-Arabiya reported, citing US sources Iraq, that American diplomats are afraid of possible attack on Baghdad and that hostages could be taken. ..

mehdi baghdad

Makdessi vs Baghdad . Jul. 7, 2016 . Round . . Time . . Method . DEC . . . . ... Wade vs Baghdad . Jan. 17, 2016 . Round . . Time . . Method . SUB . . . . ..

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