bangladesh suing rcbc over cyberheist

Bangladesh is set to file in United States court on Wednesday against Rizal Commercial Banking Corp over its in one of the biggest cyberheists, Bangladesh central bank governor said.. ... Fazle Kabir, governor of Bangladesh Bank, said the lawsuit would be filed in US District..

garment worker struggles in bangladesh

By the international planning community, In many ways, the impetus for Bangladesh was byproduct of the 'decade of development inaugurated under the regime of Ayub Khan and cited as model of capitalist success. Led by leftist faction in Eastern section of the Army, intervention by Indian troops..

despedidos miles tras protestas en bangladesh

DACA, Bangladesh  - Más de 5.000 trabajadores textiles en Bangladesh que reclamaron un alza de salarios fueron despedidos por dueños de fábricas y centenares enfrentan acusaciones, dijo el jueves una activista en el país, el segundo exportador de ropas en el mundo. ... La industria..

bangladesh garment industry

Bangladesh is the world's second-largest exporter behind China. building collapse Savar, near the capital of Dhaka, on April 30, 2013, that killed more than 400 people has triggered scrutiny over safety and labour conditions in the country... ..

the road to elections in bangladesh

Salil Tripathi writes on Bangladesh's freedom of expression and the assault on three bloggers Lalmatia, Dhaka that lead to the death of Faisal Deepan, one of Avijit Roy's publishers Bangladesh. . Naomi Hossain on Bangladesh's natural disasters that have shaped political..

facebook removes fake bangladesh news sites

DHAKA, Bangladesh Facebook is shutting down series of fake news sites spreading information about Bangladesh opposition days before national elections, The Associated Press.. ... While the nine pages did not immediately seem to have large reach by Facebook standards, it comes at time for..

bangladesh: crackdown as elections loom

Police rush Bangladesh Nationalist Party supporters at protest on February 9, 2018, Dhaka,   Bangladesh. © 2018 Allison Joyce Getty Images Bangladesh security forces have been arresting and intimidating opposition figures and threatening freedom of in advance of national elections..

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