Victor Lukashenko, the son of Belarus's Soviet-era Alexander Lukashenko, dispatched two officials to room to escort her to the airport and load her onto flight to Minsk. ... From geek to firebrand Why Belarus hijacked plane to capture Raman Pratasevich. ..

belarus authorities dissolve belarus press club

By activist opposing the imprisonment of women after the, photo of Press Club Belarus program Alla Sharko is held August 9, 2020 Belarus presidential elections as pictured on February 14, 2021, Minsk. ... Natalia Belikova, head of international projects at Press Club Belarus,..


The Ice Hockey World Championship is scheduled to start Riga and Minsk May, and for political reasons there are strong reservations about Belarus hosting the event. ..

belarus: crackdown escalates

The raids took place week where Belarus in the wake of August 9, 2020 election is on the agenda.. ... The authorities also searched Homyel of Andrej Stryzhak, co-founder of Belarus Solidarity Foundation, fundraising initiative to support families in. ..

belarus on the edge

In the wake of recent dramas Belarus lopsided and seemingly-fixed election, street protests, agitated reactions from both Russia and European Union it seems another Color Revolution could be on the agenda, inspired by interventions Serbia during the late 1990s and Ukraine in both 2004 and 2014. ..

belarus — another colour revolution?

The same techniques were tried Belarus in 2005, Michael Kozak, organised campaign that failed. few weeks back, Angela Merkel that Belarus could escalate if external actors tried to in the republic's internal affairs and that such interference was unacceptable.. ..

belarus begins again

law was upgraded followed by name change September from 'Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic to 'Republic of Belarus Independence Day is celebrated on July, the date of the liberation of Minsk from German in 1944. . ... During Litva grew to become the largest state Europe, covering land in what..

architecture from belarus

Selected out of 136 submissions from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan, the intervention is not instantly recognizable as cinema, reinventing the usual design... ... June 13, 2018 © Saint-Gobain Students from South Africa, Belarus, and Germany have been chosen..

the protests in belarus

The people of Belarus need Western response, not just to Lukashenko and the rigged elections, Russia's President Vladimir Putin, that Belarus will not be abandoned by West. As late as December 2019, protests also broke out Belarus against what was perceived by Belarussians as..

solidarity with belarus

Physical fear and the dread of disappointment have been the dominant emotions whenever elections have come around Belarus in the past two-and-a-half decades. ... Some readers of the interview may find it uncomfortable that she thinks the time has passed for lustration process Belarus. ..

belarus election: is belarus in the eu?

Belarus is considered Soviet-style Europe, and the outrage of Belarusian people after 26 years of autocratic rule could be coming to end.. ... He has often shared relationship with Putin - Moscow needed his country and Belarus sits as the space between Russia and Poland.. ..

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