belgian farmer moves border with france by mistake

farmer from Belgian of Erquelinnes is believed to have moved the nuisance stone on his land to convenient spot, without anticipating the potential for international kerfuffle.. ... Belgian mayor stressed that local authorities on both sides of the border were keen to resolve the..

belgian malinois breed information

The American Belgian Malinois Club, participates in Canine Health Information Center Program. ... Look for more information about Malinois and start your search for breeder at the website of the American Belgian Malinois Club. ..

belgian star hendrik redant gets pez'd

The director had already noticed already on the few training rides we had January that winter that I could be asset to the team, consequently I raced all Belgian races as that team was focussed on 'Kermiskoersen races over 180 200 km around local laps as the sponsor was local company. ..

the best 10 belgian foods – with recipes

Boulets are great staple of Belgian home cooking and you will find variety of different recipes throughout the country. In Flanders, balletjes are found covered sauce, or  Frikadellen-style 'met krieken, where the meatballs are fried butter with Belgian sauce. ..

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