the best startups in berlin

Famous for its e-commerce entrepreneurs, in the last two years Berlin has diversified, with generation of adtech, fintech, AI and Internet of Things startups.. ... Berlin among those in the know is Ernst, the brainchild of Canadian Dylan Watson-Brawn. ..

favorites at starladder major berlin

Favorites At StarLadder Major Berlin 0... Every day, StarLadder Major Berlin is getting closer to us and the hype keeps growing. Here, we going to talk about top dogs and favorites at StarLadder Major Berlin.. ..

berlin pride parade to draw thousands

Berlin's pride parade is expected to draw thousands of spectators, with the theme this year being 50 years since New York's Stonewall riots.. ... Christopher Street Day parade first took place Berlin in 1979, with about 450 participants... trending in world... ..

jazzdor berlin 2019

Jazzdor Berlin is one of the few truly, consistently and enduring European minded and spirited jazz festival events around—an initiative taken by Phillip Ochem, the leader of Strasbourg Jazzdor, more than decade ago <. Long Unlike other festivals that now and then one-time partnering spots..

pompeo’s berlin blunder

Pompeo's last-minute cancellation of his visit to Berlin so that he could fly to Iraq to grumble about Iran has gone over as poorly as one would expect. ... Germany is one of the important countries in the world, and functioning, relationship with Berlin is worth lot more to U.S than..

berlin, germany homes

Browse homes Berlin, Germany and nearby locations. Homeowners, architects, realtors, and other professionals are encouraged to share the modern homes they in, work on, rent out, or just plain admire. ..

berlin gentrification

The city of Berlin privatized about 200,000 units between 1989 and 2004, after the end of Cold War. ... But for now, Berlin, it's about housing companies, said Nina Scholz, Berlin-based journalist. ..

reviews from berlin and beyond 2019

A title relevantly informs viewers that it’s five years before the rise of the Berlin Wall. . High school friends Kurt and Theo sneak into a West Berlin movie theater intending to just get lots of eyefuls of actress Marion Michael’s bosom in the movie “Liane, Jungle Goddess.”  ..

inside a nuclear bunker in berlin

But decades ago, faced with the prospect of annihilation by Soviet nuclear missiles, West Germans had built 23 nuclear bunkers West Berlin. By the claustrophobic feel, Stepping into one of them in the heart of Berlin, this correspondent was struck. ..

germany: public transport strike paralyzes berlin

The unions want to prevent the development of movement of all workers Berlin, Germany and throughout Europe.. Verdi has collaborated closely with the in Berlin Senate to transform the urban transport operation into enterprise, enabling it to make record profits at the expense of the..

correction: berlin film festival-women story

BERLIN — In Feb about women filmmakers at Berlin Film Festival, erroneously that women directors represent 63 percent of the films at Berlin Film Festival. BERLIN — The voice of the filmmaker was louder with seven out of the 16 films in the competition section helmed..

berlin: no longer hitler's germany

Dismantled section of Berlin Wall... Yet Berlin is hosting its 69th annual international film festival, called Berlinale, going on now through the 17th of February. ... For country that has reputation at least from American perspective for being something other than warm and..

berlin filmfest unveils starry lineup

Berlin — New movies starring Diane Kruger, Martin Freeman and Catherine Deneuve and features directed by Hollywood actors Jonah Hill and Casey Affleck will take the spotlight at next Berlin film festival.. ... Roma., Netflix will enter Berlin for the time with. ..

where berlin and america meet

Some of that Berlin's echoes are pleasurable and even thrilling the architecture of Bauhaus, the expressionist canvases of painters like Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Otto Dix, and the newly restored Mitte district, where you can imagine you are in Berlin of Weimar refugees. Wonderful..

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