pompeo’s berlin blunder

Pompeo's last-minute cancellation of his visit to Berlin so that he could fly to Iraq to grumble about Iran has gone over as poorly as one would expect. ... Germany is one of the important countries in the world, and functioning, relationship with Berlin is worth lot more to U.S than..

berlin, germany homes

Browse homes Berlin, Germany and nearby locations. Homeowners, architects, realtors, and other professionals are encouraged to share the modern homes they in, work on, rent out, or just plain admire. ..

cell, berlin

Bauhaus lovers will flock to Berlin this year and Cell, hopes Vikentev starting with Alfred Ehrhardt's striking paintings and drawings. ... It might be newcomer to the bar scene Berlin, and what entrance, with its impressive natural wine-heavy list, lively choice of vinyl on DJ-driven..

berlin gentrification

The city of Berlin privatized about 200,000 units between 1989 and 2004, after the end of Cold War. ... But for now, Berlin, it's about housing companies, said Nina Scholz, Berlin-based journalist. ..

reviews from berlin and beyond 2019

A title relevantly informs viewers that it’s five years before the rise of the Berlin Wall. . High school friends Kurt and Theo sneak into a West Berlin movie theater intending to just get lots of eyefuls of actress Marion Michael’s bosom in the movie “Liane, Jungle Goddess.”  ..

berlin film review: ‘piranhas’

Berlin Film Review: ‘Piranhas’ . . Back to Gallery . . . . . . . At the kingpin table on the mezzanine level of a Neapolitan nightclub, Nicola (Francesco di Napoli) snorts a line of coke and slings his arm around Letizia (Viviana Aprea) while Tyson (Ar Tem) pops a bottle of champagne. .....

photos: the berlin wall through time

German of Berlin was divided into four sectors, Britain, France and Soviet Union. ... East German soldiers and police started to build the barrier of Berlin Wall around the western-controlled sectors of the city on Aug 13, 1961, during what was called Berlin Crisis — standoff..

berlin filmfest unveils starry lineup

Berlin — New movies starring Diane Kruger, Martin Freeman and Catherine Deneuve and features directed by Hollywood actors Jonah Hill and Casey Affleck will take the spotlight at next Berlin film festival.. ... Roma., Netflix will enter Berlin for the time with. ..

berlin mall to host mall walk

From January through April 21, Berlin Mall welcomes walkers to experience version of Long Trail, and help raise funds for Green Mountain Club — official stewards of Long Trail.. Walk Long Trail at Berlin Mall taps into Vermonters love for the outdoors, and offers fun, healthy,..

muslim antisemitism in berlin schools

In April 2017, Jewish boy was tormented by fellow pupils of Arab and Turkish at Berlin's Friedenau district. ... Also in 2018, German- Jewish Liam Rückert relocated from Berlin to Israel, in part because he had experienced rampant hatred of Jews at his Jungfernheide Berlin's..


Rick explores Berlin's east side, people-friendly riverfront, and its vibrant social scene... ..


Berlin under Weimar Republic was crucible that helped forge modern society and politics. ... Its multilayered story line follows set of connected characters Berlin between 1928 and 1933. ..

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